November 12, 2018

Commercial Case Studies

Oaks Hotel, Cairns NQ

The project room layout demanded the delivery of Daylight to Internal rooms with no windows to the outside. The proposed solution was to provide lighting ducts with False windows internally and through these cast daylight into the internal rooms.

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Natural light shines

Manufacturers of high-performance daylighting systems, Solatube utilises advanced optics to significantly improve the way sunlight is harnessed and diffused within commercial and residential interior spaces. The innovative Australian company is renowned for revolutionary cost-effective designs that introduce light to traditionally challenging areas.

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Hammond Park School

Solatube Australia were set a task to develop a combined daylight and artificial (Led) unit so that a "one process fit" would enable savings in the supply of lighting solutions in classrooms

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Private Home, NSW

Solatube Tubular Daylighting Devices Lighting Living Room Area

The purpose of the project was to provide the homeowners of “Hammondville” with an aesthetically pleasing natural daylighting solution, that would be inexpensive, energy efficient and add to the beauty of this older home.

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Private Home, QLD

The purpose of the project was to provide the homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing energy efficient natural daylighting solution, that would full fill their needs, and add beauty to their home.

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