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Central West Roofing is your source for skylights and roof ventilation systems in the Bathurst area. They are proud to be Bathurst’s Solatube Premier Dealer, providing exceptional daylighting solutions to customers in Orange, Parkes, Cowra and Forbes.

Solatube: Australia’s Solar Lighting System

As a Solatube Premier Dealer, Central West Roofing offers a full range of products from the manufacturers of Australia’s highest quality daylighting system: Solatube. Solatube’s tubular skylight systems were designed in Australia, and they are the most sustainable and effective way to light your home or business with natural daylight. Solatube tubular skylights don’t have the disadvantages of regular skylights. They can provide lighting to interior rooms on lower floors, and retrofits are easy. Solatube systems installed into existing buildings usually do not require framing changes or plasterboard repairs.

Free Lighting

Solatube systems save you money by providing free lighting straight from the sun during the daylight hours. Add a Solatube Smart LED System from Central West Roofing, and you will not need to install other light fixtures at all. The Solatube Smart LED System provides LED light when the sun isn’t enough, saving you up to 94% on total lighting costs.

Plus Accessories

Central West Roofing offers a variety of options for your Solatube skylight, from decorative fixtures to dimmer kits that let you control the amount of daylight your Solatube skylight lets in. You can also choose fixtures that include ventilation systems for bathroom and kitchen installations, and we work with Solatube’s Solar Star line of attic ventilators, as well.

Let Central West Roofing’s certified installation experts help you choose the perfect Solatube skylight system for your home or office. Visit their Bathurst showroom to see just how beautiful lighting the natural way can be.

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