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Central West Roofing

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Central West Roofing

Over 20 years servicing Bathurst and the Central West

Central West Blinds & Awnings has been brightening Central West homes since the late 1990’s. We offer the complete range of Solatube products, from the world-class Daylighting Skylight systems to Solar Star roof ventilation.  State-of-the-art Solatube skylights offer all the benefits of natural light with the drawbacks of solar gain in summer or heat loss in winter.  Further, our expert installers can install a Solatube skylight in just a couple of hours with no mess, no fuss.

Due to Solatube’ s innovate technology, the tubular skylights retain up to 99.7% of the natural light taken in.  Choosing Solatube products from Central West Blinds & Awnings gives you access to a completely controllable, energy efficient and durable home lighting system, with ongoing access to support and maintenance.

Our Skylight Range

As a Solatube Premier Dealer, Central West Blinds & Awnings offers a full range of products from the manufacturers of Australia’s highest quality daylighting system: Solatube.

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Solatube’ s tubular skylight systems were designed in Australia, and they are the most sustainable and effective way to light your home or business with natural daylight. Solatube tubular skylights don’t have the disadvantages of regular skylights. They can provide lighting to interior rooms on lower floors, and retrofits are easy. Solatube systems installed into existing buildings usually do not require framing changes or plasterboard repairs.

Central West Blinds & Awnings offers a variety of options for your Solatube skylight, from decorative fixtures to dimmer kits that let you control the amount of daylight your Solatube skylight lets in. You can also choose fixtures that include ventilation systems for bathroom and kitchen installations, and we work with Solatube’s Solar Star line of attic ventilators, as well.

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How much does it cost to put in a skylight?

Installation costs vary across Australia between $150 – $300 depending on time and requirements to install in varying homes.  The most important questions are:

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All traditional skylights are developed with four main components that should be assessed when deciding what product you should purchase.

  1. The Dome used for capturing light and protection from the elements. These days, all domes include UV inhibitors
    that stops fading any items within your home
  2. The roof fixing component also known as a Flashing, Customised roof flashings overcome the water issues
    associated with traditional “one size fits all” roof components.
  3. Tube to connect the Dome to your ceiling, will substantially impact the amount of light entering your home
  4. Ceiling fixture, also known as the Diffuser.
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Exception Service

With an average timeframe of over 5 years’ service within the company and over 500 installations per year, our expert team of “Certified Installation Consultants” (CIC’s) can fit and install skylights and ventilation systems to suit your home needs. Each of our installers go through a rigorous training course with Solatube Australia ensuring our quality and standards are at the highest level of delivery and performance.

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