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Proudly servicing Tasmania for over 40  Years

Argus Building Products have been brightening up Tassie homes since 1978. We offer the complete range of Solatube products, from the world-class Daylighting Systems to the SolarStar roof ventilation. State-of–the-art Solatube skylights offer all the benefits of natural light without the drawbacks of solar gain in summer or heat loss in winter. Further, our expert installers can install a Solatube skylight in just a couple of hours with no mess and no damage to your roof. Due to Solatube’s innovative materials, the tubular skylights retain up to 99.7% of the natural light taken in. Choosing Solatube products from Argus Building Products gives you access to a completely controllable, energy efficient and durable home lighting system, with ongoing access to support and maintenance.

Skylight Solution

Our Solatube Daylight Systems offer the best technology available to brighten any space without the harmful rays and heat. Perfectly designed to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions, that are only too common in Tasmania. These products perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service

Community focused

Argus are a truly state-wide operation with installers in the North, North West and South means we have the entire state of Tasmania covered.With our showroom  situated in Launceston we are centrally located to cover the entire state. Proudly owned and operated for over 40 years

Exceptional service

Proud members of the Skylight Industry Association we pride ourselves on exception service and integrity.

Locally owned and Operated bringing the worlds leading daylighting products to Tasmania.

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