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Skylights Hobart

Servicing the Hobart area providing daylighting solutions – let us show you how we can brighten any dark room with our skylights. We didn’t invent the sun.  We just improved it.  Solatube Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and deliver them into your home.

Solatube Skylights: Made in Australia

Solatube’s tubular skylights are the world’s most advanced daylighting systems. They provide exceptionally bright natural daylight to both homes and businesses without the disadvantages of traditional skylights: dangerous UV rays and radiant heat.

A Clean and Easy Installation

A Solatube skylight system installation is quick and straightforward, usually requiring no messy and time consuming changes such as added or altered framing, plasterboard repair or painting. A clean install means a more economical install, too, but the cost savings you’ll see from choosing a Solatube skylight system do not end with the money you save at the time of installation. Using sunlight for illumination during the day means less electric light. If you choose to supplement your Solatube tubular skylight with a Solatube Smart LED System, then you’ll save up to 94% on your lighting costs. Take a pass on the LEDs, and the system will provide daylight to inner rooms for free. Steeline carries the Solar Star ventilation system, as well.

Skylights Hobart: Your Local Solatube Authority

Our qualified and experienced installers are on hand, and no matter how big or small your project, we can give you the product advice and technical information you need to complete the job yourself, if you wish.

Our hassle-free quotation guarantee means we’ll take your project plan and come up with a quote that covers everything from the large items to the minor accessories. Whether it’s a commercial project or a home renovation, Steeline’s team of experts have the skills and experience to provide the level of service you need.

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