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Brisbane Skylights And Ventilation Systems has been brightening Brisbane’s homes since 1994. They offer the complete range of Solatube products, from the latest LED lighting systems to Solar Star attic ventilation. Choosing Solatube products from Brisbane Skylights gives you access to a completely controllable, energy efficient and durable home lighting system.

All buildings benefit from maximising natural daylight, both in terms of energy efficiency and protecting the environment. Solatube LED lighting systems can reduce energy consumption for lighting by 94%, channeling daylight into almost any room in any building. Solatube skylights offer all the benefits of natural light without the drawbacks of solar gain in summer or heat loss in winter. Now offering Nightlight

Expert installers like Brisbane Skylights can install a Solatube skylight in just a couple of hours with no mess and no damage to your roof. Due to Solatube’s innovative materials and clever design, all created right here in Australia, Solatube tubular skylights retain up to 99.7% of the natural light taken in, whether the weather is sunny or cloudy.

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Traditional windows, especially in hot and sunny climates like Queensland’s, suffer from allowing in too much heat and light in summer and losing substantial amounts of heat in winter. Solatube skylighting systems filter excess UV light in summer and suffer very little heat loss in winter.

Installing the latest Solatube Smart LED lighting system gives you complete control of the light in your home, making the most of natural light and supplementing it where necessary with energy efficient LEDs. Solatube systems can be tailor-made to suit you, including dimmer switches, a choice of light fittings, fans and motion sensors to maximise energy efficiency and make your skylighting system work just the way you prefer. Contact the team at Brisbane Skylights today on 7 3245 5548 for a free quote.

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