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Is your home in need of some natural light? Perhaps it’s looking dark and drab. If you’re after skylights in Geelong, look no further. Belle Skylights have been servicing Geelong and surrounding regions for over 50 years.  We are experienced professionals when it comes to natural lighting solutions.

We come to you to quote and install in Geelong, Apollo Bay, Colac and Torquay. Offering a full array of Solatube’s groundbreaking daylighting and ventilation products, Belle’s qualified installers have over 20 years of experience installing Solatube products and over 50 years of experience in the building trades. Just take a look at a few of Belle’s previous installations.

You’ve Never Seen The Sun Like This Before!

You’ve heard of solar power, but the most efficient way to use the sun to light your home is directly, without an inefficient conversion to electricity. That’s where Solatube’s flagship product really shines. A Solatube tubular skylight brings bright, beautiful natural sunlight into the interior of your house or building with almost no glare, harmful UV rays or solar gain. Thanks to the Solatube collector’s advanced design, you’ll get light without heat, throughout the seasons and during all the daylight hours. When the sun goes down, your Solatube LED backup system can pick up the slack.


The secret is in Solatube’s Raybender® 3000, a dome-shaped rooftop collector, and in its delivery tube, which is lined with Spectra Light Infinity, a material that reflects 99.7% of the light that hits it. This allows the Solatube system to transport the sun’s light exactly where you want it. Add on a few accessories like the daylight dimmer, effects lenses or ventilation add-on kit, and you will be amazed at the functionality you can add with a 94% to 100% reduction in energy cost.

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Solatube Experts

With decades of experience, Belle Skylights will get your Solatube installation finished neatly, efficiently and without delay. You’ll be surprised at how trouble-free and economical these systems are. Call today for a free consultation, and being a little more natural light into your life.

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