Solatube Australia were set a task to develop a combined daylight and artificial (Led) unit so that a “one process fit” would enable savings in the supply of lighting solutions in classrooms. The Solatube  SolaMaster LED unit saves the client approximately $6,000 per classroom by incorporating daylight and artificial light requirements into a single supply. This enables the existing artificial strip lighting to be eliminated from the design. The Hammond Park trial was completed early 2016 and has achieved the desired outcome.

Solatube SolaMaster 750DS – Led unit –  combines two of the world’s most energy efficient light sources into one high–performing unit. Featuring a patented rooftop dome, the system captures the suns rays, transfers them up to 15m through highly reflective tubing, then distributes them throughout the space using specially designed diffusers. The LEDs are used for less than 10% of classroom daylight occupied hours. The LEDs are dimmable and the Solatube also has a Daylight dimmer option. Giving teachers total control of both light levels

Hammond Park BOB off - strip lights off - 12-04-16