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Skylights Mandurah – Skylights WA

We believe in natural lighting. It’s energy efficient and healthy. But sometimes, providing natural light can be challenging. For example, a windowless hallway on the ground floor of a two storey house cannot be lighted using traditional skylights. That’s where Solatube comes in.

About Solatube Tubular Skylights

Solatube’s advanced skylight system can bring light into interior spaces. A series of reflectors focus natural sunlight down a polished tube. The tube doesn’t even have to be a straight shot from the roof to the light fixture. The highly reflective light tube means that Solatube can be elbowed to bring light to any spot, no matter where the collector is located on the roof.

Solatube has introduced a new product that is perfect for corridors and even bathrooms. The traditional Solatube now has an option to include a low energy LED light. At night, a sensor turns on the LED, and there is even a motion sensor that will switch it off if no one is occupying the room. You never have to worry about a light switch with this product.

Mandura Skylights and Solatube

Skylights Mandurah offers a huge range of skylight products, but the Solatube is probably the most versatile. We also have a variety of diffusers for the Solatube systems we sell, so no matter what your interior décor, we can find a diffuser that fits right in. The diffusers actually look like electric light fixtures, so no one has to know you are lighting your home or building for free, using sunlight.

Something that has drawn a lot of interest on our Facebook Page is worth thinking about with summer coming: Solar Star, also from Solatube, is a game-changing rooftop ventilation system. Powered by a solar panel, Solar Star vents your attic of heat and moisture without using electricity. Because there’s no electrical hook up, Solar Star is very easy to install.

Reduce your air conditioning and lighting bills by using the power of the sun this summer!

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