Installation Instructions

Brighten Up® Series

Solatube® 160 ISn & 290 ISn Instructions (English)
Solatube® 160 DS & 290 DS Instructions (English)
Solatube® Decorative Fixtures Instructions
Solatube® 160 DS Ventilation Add-On Kit Instructions
Corrugated Roof instructions
Universal Tile Flashing Kit Instructions (Europe)
Re-Roofing Instructions
Flashing Insulator Instructions
Light Add On Kit
Dome Upgrade Kit
Brighten Up Square Diffuser
0-10V Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Integrated LED Installation Instructions
Australian Flashings 250mm - Tile
Australian Flashings 250mm and 350mm - Corrugated and Trimdek
Australian Flashings 350mm - Tile
Light Bar Fitting Accessory Instructions

Heavenly Peformance

250 & 350 Heavenly Intelligent Installation & Assembly Instructions

SolaMaster® Series

Solatube® 330 DS and 750 DS Instructions (English)
Metal Roof Flashing Instructions
5V Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Daylight Dimmer Instructions Open Ceiling
Security Bar Instructions
Flashing Insulator Instructions
Curb Insulator Instructions
Trim Ring Install Instructions
Solatube® SolaMaster Counter Flashing Installation Instructions
Curb Cap DEPB Installation Instructions
0-10V Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Solatube® 300 DS Instructions
Solatube® 750 DS Installation Instructions (FEMA)
Integrated LED Installation Instructions

SkyVault Series

Solatube® M74 DS Instructions
0-10V Daylight Dimmer Instructions
Solatube® M74 DS with Amplifier Instructions

Solar Star® Ventilation

Solar Star® Roof Mount Instructions
Solar Star® Interior Mount Instructions
Add-On Solar Panel Instructions
Solar Star Thermal Switch Instructions

Whole House Fans

941572 Solatube® Whole House Fan Instructions