The objective

Penrhos College was to be able to completely or for the majority of occupied daylight hours to not use the “hungry” energy consuming artificial lighting systems originally installed when the Sports Centre was built.  The project consisted of two multipurpose areas/basketball courts.  Solatube were able to provide Daylight Designs using their purpose made Daylight Design Calculator and provide a science based solution.  16 – 330 DS SolaMaster Systems were chosen for each of the two areas (32 in total) and installed into the existing Terra-cotta Tile Roofing materials with protruding 600m extension tubes with Ball guards into the basketball court areas.  Success has been achieved in that between 80-90% of all daylight occupied time NO artificial lights are required

330DS Pehnros pre-install - Copy - CopyPenhros College330DS-O Close up with ball guards Penrhos College internalPehnros Looking South 400+ lux inside


DS SolaMaster Systems