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The capital’s only suppliers of Solatube products, Canberra Natural Lighting and Ventilation are experts in the installation of Solatube skylights, LED systems and ventilation. Solatube Premier Dealers, they offer the full range of Solatube products, giving the purchaser a fully controllable, highly energy efficient and durable natural lighting system, whatever the weather.

Solatube Skylights

By filtering out UV light while maximising daylight, Solatube skylight systems can deliver as much as 99.7% of the light they capture to your living space. Choosing a complete Solatube LED lighting system gives energy savings of up to 94% over conventional lighting. Led lights, fitted alongside Solatube skylights and within the same tubular system, enable you to make the most of free, natural light while still offering controlled, energy-efficient artificial lighting during the hours of darkness.

Seven Hours of Sunlight

With more than seven hours of average daily sunshine in Canberra’s hot, dry summers, large windows can cause unwanted solar gain. In the darker winter months, even the best multi-glazed windows enable much wanted heat to escape the building. Solatube skylights bring all the benefits of natural daylight all year round, with none of the heat gain or heat loss drawbacks of conventional windows and skylights.

Solatube has been creating innovative skylighting and ventilation systems for 18 years, combining cutting-edge design, technical know-how and proven long term durability. All Solatube products are designed and made in Australia and offer an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and light-maximising way to bring bright, natural light into almost any room.

Showroom in Fyshwick

Canberra Natural Lighting And Ventilation has a showroom in Fyshwick where you can see the full Solatube range in action. Open Monday to Friday, customers can drop in to find out more about Solatube lighting systems and determine which one best meets their needs. Arrange a free, no obligation lighting assessment for your home or office today.

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