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Skylights Canberra – Canberra Natural Lighting & Ventilation

The capital’s only suppliers of Solatube products, Canberra Natural Lighting and Ventilation are experts in the installation of Solatube skylights and ventilation. Solatube Premier Dealers offer the full range of Solatube products giving the purchaser a fully controllable, highly energy-efficient and durable natural lighting systems and solar roof vents, whatever the weather. By choosing to install Solatube’s innovative skylights Canberra locals can experience a range of benefits.

Seven Hours of Sunlight

With more than seven hours of average daily sunshine in Canberra’s hot, dry summers, large windows can cause unwanted solar gain. In the darker winter months, even the best multi-glazed windows enable much wanted heat to escape the building. Solatube skylights bring all the benefits of natural daylight all year round, with none of the heat gain or heat loss drawbacks of conventional windows and skylights. Let our team help you solve these issues, with Solatube skylights Canberra locals have been installing in their homes for years.

Simple solutions to get more light in your life with Canberra Natural Lighting and Ventilation

Solatube has partnered with builders, architects and interior designers to pioneer creative daylight solutions where this wasn’t previously possible. Unlike traditional forms of skylights, Solatube’s daylighting solutions don’t have the same limitations; they can be used beyond the standard ceiling cavity and can be fitted into the tiniest, darkest rooms in the house. By installing skylights Canberra residents can add brilliant natural light to any space in their home.

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And you don’t need to worry about the impact of the light on furniture, paintings, fish tanks etc. Solatube has UV and infrared filtering and provides many benefits of natural light. Solatube also filters heat through its special INFRAREDuction technology.

Solatube’s tubular skylights, in particular, are popular with builders, as their unique technology is designed to create consistent lighting throughout the year. Standard skylight products will provide huge spikes of light and heat during the summer while often not meeting the minimum lighting requirements during the winter. Tubular Daylighting systems overcome these issues by rejecting overpowering summer sunlight and using lens systems to increase the capture of winter sunlight.

Solatube skylights are simple to install, require little to no maintenance, and feature a generous warranty that gives you the peace of mind to feel confident about your purchase and installation. Plus, they can be installed on just about any type of roof without the need for expensive modifications – Just ask our team of expert installers of Solatube skylights in Canberra.

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Where does your family spend most of their time at home?

Families gather around kitchens and dining rooms preparing meals, some prefer lounge rooms away from chores, and some need time in study/work nooks. Chances are occupants will naturally gather around the area of the home that is bright and filled with light, leaving the darker uninviting spaces underutilised perhaps despite being more comfortable or appropriate. Skylights, by introducing natural light to dark areas open up spaces and make them much more inviting and functional. Skylights in Canberra are a great way to add functional floor space to your space, without major renovations.

Do you have neighbours that have added a new storey and are now blocking your natural light?

As population density in our cities increases and often entirely outside of our control, new taller buildings will spring up next door, or exiting buildings will extend up. This can often result in a bright room being left in shadow for a longer part of the day, or a sunny nook losing its charm. A well-positioned skylight can restore and even enhance natural light where you’ve enjoyed it previously.


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