See the difference a Solatube Skylight could make to your dark rooms.

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Pure, Natural Daylight with Solatube Skylights

Harnessing the sun’s natural light has never been so simple. Solatube Skylights are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and deliver them into your home. From early morning to sunset, you’ll get brighter, more colourful rooms.

Transforming dark rooms into beautiful, naturally lit areas is what Solatube Skylights are designed for. Being leaders of the industry for over 25 years has allowed us to Capture, Transfer and Deliver outstanding daylight results in Australian homes.

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Enjoy the benefits of Australia’s truest colour rendition.

Solatube skylight is the only Australian product which blocks harmful UV that causes fading, yet transmits the light that encourages plant growth. Only 99.7% reflective tubing will deliver the brightest, purest natural daylight into your home so you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • A well-lit home will create a safer environment for the whole family
  • See true colours of clothing, makeup, pictures or anything you want to look its best
  • Long term investment, not only will electric lighting be reduced but a well-lit home will increase its sale value with the stunning skylights
  • Are you “SAD”? Reduce “Seasonal Affect Disorder” for a happier family in winter

How it works

Tubular skylights embrace the power of the sun and direct all available daylight into your home consistently throughout the day.

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Capture More Daylight

Patented Raybender 3000 and LightTracker Reflector. Our combined technology delivers unrivalled year round performance in light output and superior UV protection


Transfer More Light

Spectralight infinity tube is made from the most reflective material in the world delivering the most pure, brightest daylight available.


Superior Energy Efficiency

With built in, patented ‘Cool Tube’ technology it insures the highest Energy Efficiency


Control and Deliver

With the largest range of accessories and decorative ceiling fixtures, we make the highest performing product functional and beautiful

Out performs any other skylight

Solatube Skylights combine breakthrough technology, with advanced designs and the highest quality materials, to fill living spaces with an abundance of pure, clear natural light.

Let us show you how to “Brighten Your Day”. You will be amazed at the outstanding transformation to your home with a Solatube Skylight.

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