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Skylights for your brighter home

Skylights have been around in various styles for many years now: traditional square skylights, tubular skylights and plain old roof windows. Solatube Daylighting Systems are award winning skylights, and they are available with a range of Glass Distractions Decorative Lighting Fixtures. There is a solution to fit every need!

Solatube Daylight Systems are designed to provide superior performance for virtually every daylighting application. Imagine being able to take daylight where you never thought possible. How do we achieve this? It’s all in the details.  At the heart and soul of every Solatube product, you’ll discover an array of innovative technologies that deliver amazing results.

Extending daylight into your home

We didn’t invent the sun, we just improved it so the daylight lasts longer.

sky roof skylight tube skylight tube

Pure natural light and colour

Solatube® is the only Australian product to deliver pure 99.7% natural light and superior colour rendition Spectralight® Infinity Tubing reflects the visible spectrum without colour shift to deliver the purest colour rendition possible.  It’s performance like this that ensures the colour you use in a space will be vivid and accurate.

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The world’s most advanced roof skylight brings every room to life

The Solatube 160DS and 290DS Daylighting Systems, the worlds most advanced tubular Skylight, sets performance standards never seen before. These tubular Skylights feature Patented Technology that allows Solatube to provide a product that performs higher than any other skylight (see our Highest Performance Guarantee). Highly effective and simple to install, these Skylights will bring beautiful natural light to your home and take your space from dark to dazzling.

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Functional Accessories and Decorative Fixtures

Our Fixtures enhance the  look of any interior with options that range from practical to elegant to dazzling.

Performs higher than any other skylight

As the original inventor of high performance Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD’s OR Tubular skylight) and Australian Design Award winner, Solatube Skylights combine breakthrough Optical Technology with advanced designs, and the highest quality materials to fill your living spaces with an abundance of pure, clear natural light.

Glass Distractions

Brighten your perspective with Solatube day lighting.

Glass Distractions

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Discover how changing your light can change your life.

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Light = Space

Brighten your perspective with Solatube day lighting.

Light = Space

Simple to install and beautiful to look at, our Daylighting Systems are a compact, leak-proof, energy efficient alternative to the ordinary skylights of the past. With more than 30 Solatube Premier Dealers offering skylights to homes Australia-wide, we are proud to offer our clients the very best in daylighting and roof ventilation products, so contact us today.

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