Skylights for Natural Lighting

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Let natural light brighten your home

Have you been considering a skylight installation? Thinking about how you can bring natural light into your home? Having your spaces filled with warm, natural light has never been more important, and with a beautifully-designed skylight, achieving that has never been easier. Some of the benefits of natural light include better moods, improved health, and energy savings, making skylights not just a stylish home addition, but a healthy and cost-effective one too. Round or square Solatube skylights have decorative options to match your home’s unique style. Select from our full range and view our gallery.

Solatube Skylights are a Cost-Effective Lighting Solution; Don’t Settle for Cheaper Alternative Products.

There are 3 important aspects to every skylight – Click below to find out more!

1. The Dome & Fitting

skylight installation
Most skylights you find in today’s market have very basic domes – getting you a mere portion of the available light that a skylight can potentially offer.

A Solatube Brighten Up series skylight dome is designed to capture low-angle light. This gets up to 600% more daylight, even during winter.

The flashing can be a bigger hole in your pocket than your roof. “One type fits all” suits are doomed for failure (not to mention leaks!).

At Solatube, customised flashing is tailored to your roof profile for a leakproof, durable and attractive fit.


Skylights Bring Natural Lighting into Every Room in Your Home

Natural lighting makes your home a bright and brilliant place to live; everything is brighter, well-lit and more colourful. Imagine leaving a beautiful sunny day outside, just to enter your dark or dull home. Bring that beautiful daylight into every room in your home and let the power of natural lighting improve your life with a tasteful skylight from Solatube.

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Daylight Control System

Use the power of the sun to control the power of the sun. Experience natural light with total daylight control and automated night closing. Now you can adjust the light in your space turn night into daylight, and everything in between. View Product

Nightlight Technology

Solatube has now introduced the new integrated smart nightlight technology into the Solatube Brighten Up series of skylights. Check out how it can benefit your home by watching our informative video below.

Do Skylights Bring Heat into The Home?

Natural light carries heat in the form of infrared radiation, however, the amount of infrared transferred into the home will depend on the technology used in the skylight. There are a number of techniques commonly used in the market to reduce or remove heat entering the home.

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Residential Gallery

Skylights can brighten any dark room in your home

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Ceiling Fixtures

Go beyond Functional to Beautiful Lighting Fixtures

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Other Accessories

Natural Lighting just the way you want it thanks to our accessories

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Skylights FAQs

How much does a skylight cost?

The cost of a Solatube skylight varies depending on factors such as size, product features, and installation requirements. One of our Solatube experts will be able to provide you with an accurate quote tailored to your specific home or business needs. See more information on view our Tubular Skylight Costs and Comparison guide

How do tubular skylights work?

In short, tubular skylights will capture natural light through a roof-mounted dome and redirect it down a reflective tube, delivering it into your interior spaces. The highly reflective material maximises light transfer while minimising heat gain or loss. This is a popular product because it works efficiently for spaces where traditional skylights won’t work.

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