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Solatube – Mackay Skylight

Mackay Natural Light & Ventilation is Solatube’s authorised dealer in Mackay, Proserpine, Slade Point, Moranbah and Airlie Beach. Mackay offers exceptional service and a comprehensive installation guarantee. With advanced daylighting and insulation, Mackay is your one-stop shop for improving building energy performance.

Selecting a Skylight

There are three types of skylights available with a number of features that need to be considered for individual home needs:

  1. Tubular Skylight
    1. No restructuring of roof needed
    2. 2 Hours to install
  2. Standard Square Skylight
    1. Gyprocking required
    2. Semi-reflective shaft
    3. To see the sky, no diffuser is used
    4. Limited light dispensed
  3. Feature Skylight
    1. Substantial Roof and Ceiling restructuring
    2. Cathedral ceiling

Each option has their own unique capabilities here are some of the outcomes – Tubular skylights – consistent light levels throughout the day no matter the sun angle, disperses light across the whole room, Square skylights – brings daylighting into a room, lack of lighting control, Feature skylight – beautiful architecture feature where the sky can be seen from any angle, high solar heat gain.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve in your home, each option has cost implications – Tubular skylights starting from $150 basic to highest performing – $1,400, Standard Square skylights – $2,000 – $3,500 and Feature Skylight – $3,500 – $5,000.

Solatube Daylighting systems use combined technology that delivers unrivalled year-round performance in light output and heat protection. Patented Raybender 3000 Technology – LightTracker reflector combines to redirect low-angle daylight for unparallel light capture – particularly during winter. Introducing INFRAREDuction technology, utilising a proprietary process to extract infrared wavelengths on the first light bounce before they can be transferred through the tube, dispersing heat before it ever enters the building. Industry-leading daylighting technology delivers unparalleled transfer of natural light, with minimum heat gain. So, it’s perfect for hot climates, where it reduces cooling loads on air-conditioning systems.

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Our History

Established in 2009 Mackay Natural Light & Ventilation has been in the local area for many years, ensuring a high level of customer service and performance.  Our Certified Installation Consultants (CIC’s) have been Solatube Australia trained maintaining a high level of expertise.

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