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Celebrating 23 years of servicing the West Melbourne community

One of the main drivers that initiated this company was our passion to provide Healthy, Energy Efficient Solutions for all Australian’s. We believe that we can Help You, Help the Environment.

Our company believes in sustainable living and we achieve this by providing homes and offices with environmentally friendly products to create that healthy, efficient, sustainable living environment. We believe that the environment you live-in affects your long -term well-being. There’s no better pathway to good health than that of rooms filled with lots of natural sun and good ventilation.


And we pride ourselves as the long serving dealer of Solatube skylights, as well as one of the premier dealers of other reputable names in daylighting and ventilation systems, to give you Healthy Energy Efficient Solutions.

We are committed to spend time with you to understand what you really want to achieve, in terms of bringing in natural sunlight to a dark hallway, or a busy kitchen, etc. and offer you our best advise to help you make the proper choice for your skylights needs.

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Your Roof Will Look Great and Stay Water-Tight

The Skylight Shop carries specially designed, one-piece flashings for just about every type of roof. Different designs are available for pitched and flat roofs. Leakproof, easy-to-install specialty flashings for concrete or terracotta tile, metal roofs, slate roofs and shingle roofs provide a perfect look and a perfect seal for your roof surface. These are attractive, highly effective flashings made just for Solatube. Of course, the Skylight Shop also has insulation kits for these flashings.


Bathroom Ventilation

Bathrooms are popular places to install Solatube tubular skylights. For the Solatube 160 DS model, there’s an option that allows you to integrate an exhaust fan into the diffuser. Bathrooms need extra ventilation to get rid of moisture, and these attractive, efficient fans can draw out as much as 52 litres of air per second.

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Lighting Effects

Midday sunlight can sometimes be too bright. That’s why Solatube offers a daylight dimmer. Its low voltage butterfly design is a patented solution for game rooms, TV viewing, nap time or any situation where you need to dim the bright light from a Solatube skylight.You can also change the colour of the sunlight using effect lenses attached to the diffuser. Solatube’s Warm Effect Lens warms the colour of natural light so it appears more like light from an incandescent bulb.

The Skylight Shop doesn’t just sell Solatube, they are experts in the full range of related products and can install and maintain those systems, too.  Speak with the team today at The Skylight Shop.

So what are some limitations in providing natural light to your home?

  1. Neighbours adding a new storey and are now blocking natural light
  2. Internal bathrooms with small windows and generally quite dark
  3. Large windows providing good light, but need to be kept covered due to excessive heat
  4. Do you need to keep lights on in the kitchen, evening during the day

These are some of the restrictions that apply to natural light being inhibited in the home.  Speak to the Skylight Shop to discuss how you can overcome these dificulties.

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