Project Overview

Echuca Twin Rivers School

Echuca Twin Rivers School provides Echuca’s western growth corridor with a new, purpose-built, education facility replacing: Echuca South Primary School, Echuca West Primary School and Echuca Specialist School.


Throughout the school, interiors designed to elicit a soothing, sensory experience whereby the quality of light, temperature, fresh air and acoustics of each space can be easily adapted to individual needs.


• Natural daylighting assists with improved focus, test scores & faculty retention while reducing behavioural issues and absenteeism.
• Natural light provides variety and stimulation during the day and assists in reducing stress and tiredness and increases productivity and alertness.
• Solatube Skylights Inhibit damaging UV radiation, reject overpowering midday summer sunlight, minimal solar heat gain
• Solatube Skylights provide a natural working light, offer superior visual comfort and above all are 100% UV safe

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