May 21, 2024

Decorative Lighting Fixtures

Go Beyond Functional to Beautiful Lighting Fixtures

Because we at Solatube are homeowners too, we understand that it’s not enough to bring dazzling daylight indoors if the lighting fixture delivering that light isn’t equally impressive. Solatube Decorative Lighting Fixtures enhance the look of any interior with styles that range from practical to elegant to dazzling.


Available in square or round. 160, 290 & Smart LED Models*

Decorative Lighting Fixture


Deliver stunning daylight with symmetry and style. QuadraFrost can be arranged to complement or contrast the lines of any room.
Avaliable in Solatube 290 DS and Solatube Smart LED System**.


160, 290 & Smart LED Models


Available in bronze or white. 290 & Smart LED Models

Classic VusionTM

160, 290 & Smart LED Models

Optiview Super WideTM

160DS and 290DS

*Square fixtures not available for Smart LED