November 6, 2019

Commercial Skylights

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At Solatube we understand that projects can be complex and need specialised assistance to work through all of the daylighting options. Our team of professional commercial skylight manufacturers can help!

Our team can assist to customise daylighting calculations.

Information that can be provided:

  • Evaluation and product recommendations optimising the daylighting opportunities in terms of site location, building size and orientation
  • Expert assistance with Solatube product selection, system design and layout calculations, enabling improved lighting designs
  • Detailed product and installation information relating to your specific project, so you can confidently present your proposal to clients
  • Design Services

    Optimise recommendations for daylighting opportunities in terms of site location, building size and orientation

    Our team can assist with the Solatube product selection, system design and layout calculations, developing better lighting designs

    Acquire detailed product and installation information relating to your specific project

  • Lighting Calculations

    Gain access to advanced proprietary lighting calculation tools that ensure proper product selection and save you time by determining the ideal model and configuration for your project in just minutes

    Request IES files of daylighting selections for easy coordination with other lighting components

  • Continuing Education

    Earn credits while learning about tubular daylighting devices via in-person presentations in each state, simply fill in make an enquiry form, to register your interest

  • Spec Writing

    Ensure specifications are written properly and save time with spec writing assistance from the Solatube Commercial team

  • Certified Installation

    Access professional installation services for quick, easy and cost-effective placement of all Solatube products.

    For online assistance, access the Technical Resources page for self-serve resources such as BIM models, product cut sheets, CAD drawings, and more.

  • Compliance Documentation

    Easy access for compliance documentation with existing project specifications to support your Solatube product selection

  • 24-hour lighting and energy savings

    The Solatube revolutionary commercial Smart LED lighting system, unites advanced LED technology with proven Solatube Skylight design to provide a 24-hour lighting solution that delivers energy savings*.

    This commercial LED lighting system is revolutionary in the way that it captures and transmits daylight to spaces that natural light couldn’t reach before. With its cutting-edge, energy-efficient design, the Solatube Smart LED lighting System is leading the way in innovation.

    how it works

    How it works

    Tubular skylights embrace the power of the sun and direct all available daylight into your space consistently throughout the day.

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    Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture, increases light input for greater light output and rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight



    Delivers 99.7% specular reflectivity for maximum daylight transfer, provides the purest colour rendition possible and allows for run lengths over 50 feet to deliver daylight to lower floors


    Deliver & Control

    Create a location-specific, controlled visual effect without glare to provide visual comfort.

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