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Diamond Skylights is the Solatube Premier Dealer for Melbourne’s eastern and northern suburbs. Offering a full range of Solatube products, Diamond Skylights is Melbourne’s tubular skylight expert.

A Product You’ll Love

When you install a Solatube tubular skylight, you bring bright, beautiful natural light into your home or building for free. Solatube skylights aren’t like windows or conventional skylights. They bring in light without the added heat, and they block potentially harmful UV rays. Thanks to the highly reflective Spectra Light Infinity coating in the transfer tubes, light can be transported from six to nine metres into the interior; the skylight does not need to be installed directly under the roof, or even on the top storey. Learn more about Solatube Skylights.

The tube from the collector on the roof ends in an attractive light fixture, too. It’s like having a free electric light during the daytime, and at night, our optional LED backup system will guarantee that you’re never left in the dark. On average, a Solatube system with LED backup delivers 94% energy savings.

Solatube also makes Solar Star solar-powered ventilation systems. They’ll remove moisture and cool down your roof space. Best of all, the sunnier it is, the greater the volume of air circulation. It’s a perfect solution.

Quick and High Quality Installation

A Solatube skylight will bathe your home in light whilst blocking UV rays and heat. A Solar Star will keep your attic cooler and drier. Diamond skylights can get either system or both systems installed in a matter of hours. Most installations can be done with no structural changes and very little repair to existing finishes. Why delay? Take advantage of our installation guarantee and add a Solatube system to your eastern or northern Melbourne home or building.

Looking for a Skylight in Melbourne?

As the leading Solatube dealership in Melbourne we have over twenty years experience serving customers across the metropolitan area.

We are extremely proud of our Official Dealership status with Solatube, but it doesn’t stop at round skylights. We have a full range of traditional square skylights, a huge range of roof ventilation products, access hatches, and attic ladders.

As the problems of global warming are becoming increasingly apparent, the housing industry has embraced the concept of energy efficiency by improving house energy ratings. Our products lead the way in this revolution of housing design and are also able to be retrofitted to existing homes. Our products make your homes healthy!!

Just an example of how we can transform a dark room into a room that has a bright sunny disposition.

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