March 26, 2024

Solar Star Roof Vent FAQs

Get the facts by reading our most frequently asked questions about Solar Star Roof Vent.

Does the Solar Star have an on-off switch or thermostat?

Roof spaces by design are meant to be ventilated year-round. The Solar Star does have a thermostat add on option, however.

Should my Solar Star run during the winter?

There are many benefits to ventilating your roof space during winter. The Solar Star unit, being solar powered, operates on daylight, but a thermostat option is available. During the winter, proper ventilation helps prevent condensation from forming within the roof space, which would cause significant heat loss from the home if the roof space insulation gets wet. A cool, dry roof space is the best solution for keeping the heat in the house during the winter.

Does the Solar Star run at night?

There are no batteries on the Solar Star, the unit only runs when daylight is available on the solar panel.

Is the Solar Star attic fan quiet?

The Solar Star attic fan is whisper quiet and would likely not be audible from within the house or in the yard.

What if the roof location doesn’t have all-day sun exposure?

The Solar Star attic fan runs best when the solar panel is in direct sunlight. The unit will run at a reduced speed in the shade (provided sky is bright) but if one has heavy shading for a good portion of the day an “Add-on Solar Panel” for the Solar Star is a great idea. An extra panel can be placed up to 15′ (4.5m) away (possibly on the opposite side of the roof) from the main roof unit to provide better all day performance.

Can I transform an electric vent to a solar-powered vent?

Use the Solar Star Conversion Kit to transform a noisy electric vent into an environmentally friendly solar powered vent.

What if I don’t want to put a fan on my roof?

The Solar Star Conversion Kit can be used in the roof space to transform a gable vent, dormer vent, whirlybird or other vent unit into a solar powered vent with only the solar panel mounted on the roof.

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