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Operating in the heart of West Victoria, the Bendigo Cedar Sales team have more than 30 years’ experience installing skylights. Alongside key joinery products such as windows and doors, Bendigo Cedar offer a complete range of Solatube products, from LED lighting systems to Solatube tubular skylights.

Solatube Skylights can provide natural daylight where windows are impractical and they cause neither significant heat loss nor solar gain. Solatube’s smart technology captures over 99% of daylight, even when the weather is cloudy. Spectra Light Infinity technology makes it possible to extend the reach of daylight from a roof light as far as nine metres, meaning daylight can be transferred from your roof down several floors.

Solatube in Gold Country

Gold Country is known for its cold winters and sunny summers, and these conditions really emphasise the inefficiency of traditional windows. Even top-of-the range triple-glazed windows fail to make the most of the available light in winter, and windows never insulate as well as walls. On hot summer days, solar gain can cause overheating due to unfiltered UV light. Skylights can bring daylight into enclosed spaces with almost no heat loss or solar gain.

The Solatube Smart LED Lighting System makes the most of daylight when it is available and supplements this with energy-efficient LED lights when the sun fades. Bendigo Cedar customers can choose from a full range of extra details, including motion sensors, fans and integrated electric lights. There is even a range of dimmers available to put you in complete control of your lighting.

Bendigo Cedar Installs Solatubes

Based in Hattam Street, Golden Square, the Bendigo Cedar showroom is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Why not call in and see the high quality and durable materials in Solatube’s daylighting systems, skylights and LED systems, or arrange a no obligation home visit? Phone 03 5443 0681 or contact the team for more information.

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