Solatube® skylight installation tips & safety advice

Solatube Installation tips

Solatube Skylight Tubular Daylight Devices Installation Advice and Tips

  • We suggest you allow at least 4 hours for the installation, particularly if this is your first installation.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate size Solatube® Daylighting System; this will depend on the area to be lit and do also take into account the ceiling height — if it is higher than average you may need toconsider a larger diameter system. Then measure the distance between the roof and the ceiling to determine the quantity of extension tubes required.
  • Try to avoid the tubes being routed through roof space areas with obstructions such as gas, water or drain pipes, air ducts, flues or furnaces, fixed storage tanks. If some obstructions are unavoidable, you can use the 0-90 adjustable angle extension sections to re-route the tube.
  • All reflective extension tube joints should overlap a minimum of 50mm and be fixed together using the aluminium tape provided. For very long or angled tube lengths, use the self-tapping screws provided to fasten the tubes together to give additional strength and rigidity.
  • You may choose to support any extension tubes with a wire or similar retainer fixed to the rafters if the extension tubes are particularly long or at a significant angle away from the vertical.
  • Ensure all protective film is removed before prolonged exposure to the sun as it may bond the film’s adhesive to the inside of the tube making it hard to remove.
  • All adhesives, seals and tapes should be applied to a dry surface.
  • Ensure your roof is in an appropriate condition to support the work necessary for a Solatube® Daylighting System installation without damaging its waterproofing properties.
  • Avoid roof dome locations shaded by trees, ridges and chimneys, or near water channels or valleys.
  • Ensure you understand and have adhered to any environmental legal requirements for your area, such as Bush Fire legislation.
  • Ensure you read all installation instructions including those for any accessories before starting installation to ensure the correct sequence of installation is followed.

Safety notices and advice

Solatube® Australia (or Premier Dealer) assumes no responsibility or obligation whatsoever for the failure of an architect, contractor, installer or building owner to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, building codes, energy codes, fire and safety codes and requirements, and adequate safety precautions.

Installation of this product should be attempted only by individuals skilled in the use of the tools and equipment necessary for installation. The supplier accepts no responsibility for incorrectly installed or non-appropriate applications. Protect yourself and all persons and property during installation. If you have any doubt concerning your competence or expertise, consult a qualified expert before proceeding. Installation is at your own risk.

Installation may be dangerous owing to the location and nature of the work to be undertaken. The hazardous conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • During installation, the Solatube® Daylighting Systems reflective tubes may focus sunlight potentially causing concentrated light and heat. Keep the protective film on the reflective tubing prior to installation and the tubing away from potentially flammable material.
  • Sheet metal edges may be sharp. Use protective gloves to avoid lacerations.
  • Installation requires climbing and working at dangerous heights, including on ladders, scaffolding, roofs and in attic spaces. Use extreme caution to minimise risk of accidental injury and property damage including, but not limited to, the points below:
  • Clear the area below your workspace of all people, animals and other items.
  • Avoid working on surfaces that are slippery or wet and use footwear with excellent traction.
  • Use only strong, well-supported and appropriate ladders.
  • Work only in calm, dry weather.
  • When in the roof space, ensure that your weight is supported at all times with structurally sound framing; plaster board material is not designed to carry a person’s weight.
  • Reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury by following basic safety precautions when using electric tools; always wear safety goggles or other suitable eye protection and ensure the work area is clear of all electrical wires, gas pipes, water pipes and other obstacles.
  • When working in the roof space or other dusty areas, use of a mask or respirator is recommended to avoid lung irritation.
  • Roof spaces may be dark, confined, and subject to extreme temperatures.
  • Beware of sharp protruding objects. Do not attempt installation without having someone close by who can come to your aid if necessary.
  • Only suitably qualified persons should undertake any electrical wiring.

Thoughts on “Skylight Installation Tips & Advice

  1. Hi Solatube Team,

    Could you please give me some advice? I tried to clean my skylight’s ceiling fixture (TierDrop) because some mosquitos stuck inside. I tried to turn it but didn’t move and I don’t want to destroy it. What is the best procedure to remove the plastic cover? Thanks, Peter

    1. Hi Peter
      Remove the diffuser or decorative fixture by carefully twisting counterclockwise to separate it from the ceiling ring. To clean, wipe the diffuser or decorative fixture with a tissue or soft cloth. To reattach the diffuser or decorative fixture, simply align the tabs on the diffuser or decorative fixture to the ones on the ceiling ring and twist clockwise to secure.

  2. hello solatube.couple of questions for you please.i have an existing 410mm hole to fill in with a solatube .will one of yours cover it?.secondly do your diffusers throw the light differently e.g. optiveiw vs vision and what are differences between each if any.thankyou

    1. Hi Jason,

      The larger model in our highest performing Brighten-Up series, the 290DS, requires a ceiling cut-out 375mm in diameter. In our mid-range Heavenly Intelligent series, the larger model HI400 requires a 415mm dia cut-out.

      When upgrading to a 290DS, patching-up that part of the ceiling with new plaster is ideal, however when this is not possible, Solatube installers often use a white dress ring to conceal the gap.

      As far as the different diffusers are concerned, the ones you mention are only applicable to the Brighten Up series, and yes, they do have slightly different characteristics, although much of the choice is purely aesthetic. Some diffusers fill the room with light better (OptiView, TierDrop) and some are better at softening light and reducing glare (TierDrop, JustFrost). JustFrost and Vusion are great all-round diffusers that look neat on the ceiling. The Brighten-Up series also has a number of effect lenses (these are standard inclusions, and sit above the diffuser in the tube) that can further enhance how natural light enters the interior.

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