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North Coast Skylights offers the full Solatube range of products, including our new LED-skylight combined system that provides natural sunlight during the day and soft high-efficiency LED light at night or in dark, overcast weather. Solatube LED lighting systems can yield energy savings of over 94% compared to normal lighting solutions. Half the time, your light is entirely free, and LEDs are the world’s most energy efficient light source, which means that your night time lighting won’t cost you much, either.

How Solatube Skylights Work

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your home or commercial building with natural light that won’t cost you a cent in electricity, a skylight is the way to go. Traditional skylights are simply windows in the roof or a slightly more sophisticated tubular affair, but they all rely on having a direct line from the sky to the room. Solatube skylights, Australia’s most technologically sophisticated skylights, have no such limitation.
Solatube’s advanced, patented technologies are make Solatube skylight systems so effective. Our Raybender 3000 technology takes in an incredible amount of ambient daylight, absorbing only visible spectrum light while reflecting away infrared light that can add heat to your home and ultraviolet light that can harm your skin. Once the light has gone inside, our Spectralight Infinity tubing transports it to the building interior. It’s made from the world’s most reflective material, transmiting 99.7% of the light each time it bounces off the wall of the tube.

Based in Alstonville

Based in Alstonville, North Coast Skylights sells and installs Solatube skylight systems in Ballina, Byron Bay, Grafton and Lismore. Their skylight installation and maintenance professionals are experts in the trade and have years of experience working with Solatube skylights. No matter what kind of Solatube skylight system you desire, North Coast Skylights can supply and install it.


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