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Simply Genuine Skylights and Ventilation brings Solatube’s groundbreaking range of products to Newcastle, Scone, Maitland and Lake Macquarie. Like the rest of New South Wales, Newcastle and the surrounding area is hot and sunny for most of the year. It’s the perfect place to take advantage of the sun’s energy, and nothing makes more efficient use of the sun than a daylighting system.

Bringing Natural Light to Where it’s Needed

Solatube tubular skylights bring natural light directly to where it’s needed most: the interior of your home or building. The dome-shaped lens in Solatube’s capture zone brings in light even at low angles, while limiting the amount of light absorbed when the sun is directly overhead. That means it will admit a fairly consistent amount of light, regardless of the season or the time of day. It’s also designed to exclude potentially harmful UV rays.

After sunlight enters the Solatube on the roof, it passes through a highly reflective tube. The transfer zone, which resembles a small diameter duct from the outside, is so highly reflective on the interior that almost all the light that enters it will be arrive at a delivery zone six to nine metres into the building, even if there are 90° turns in the tube.

Once the light reaches it’s destination, it can be distributed through a stylish diffuser that is almost indistinguishable from an electric light fixture. When there’s no natural light, an optional LED backup system can keep the light fixture available for use.

Superior Product, Superior Service

When you work with Simply Genuine, you will be getting a superior product and an unbeatable installation guarantee. Simply Genuine represents Solatube in the Newcastle area because they make the best, most technologically advanced tubular skylights and solar powered ventilation systems in the industry. You’ll find that Simply Genuine’s level of skill and professionalism is just as outstanding as the product.

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