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Solatube Mid North Coast is the Solatube Premier Dealer serving the Port Macquarie, Foster, Taree and Coffs Harbour areas. With years of experience installing and maintaining Solatube skylight systems, you can count on their expertise every step of the way, from planning to installation to long term maintenance and repairs.

What We Do

We implement unique, elegant technologies that are surprisingly effective at transporting light collected from small capture devices on your roof to the rooms of your home or building. While the basic idea is quite simple, it takes a lot of technology to get that sunlight where you want it.
The way it works is fascinating, and centres around two inventions: the Raybender 3000 collection unit and the Spectralight Infinity light transport tube. Raybender 3000 lets visible spectrum light pass through but reflects away carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation and unwanted, heat-inducing infrared light.

Save Energy and Money

Besides brightening your space with beautiful natural light, skylights save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t be using any electricity when the sun is out. In addition, you can choose to include LED lighting in your Solatube skylight system so that you can enjoy warm, white light even at night time or during dark, cloudy weather conditions. LEDs are the most energy efficient light source, turning almost all of the energy they collect into light while keeping heat out. When all is said and done, a Solatube lighting system is around 94% more energy efficient than traditional lighting.
Installing tubular skylights is an amazing way to brighten up and modernise your space, and Solatube is the industry leader in tubular skylight technology. Solatube designs and manufactures Australia’s most sophisticated skylight solutions. They can provide natural daylight to any room in your home or building, even if its walls and ceiling are not in contact with the exterior.

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