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Solatube Mid North Coast

We love what we do and with years of experience, hundreds of installing and maintaining Solatube skylight systems, you can count on their expertise every step of the way, from planning, installation to long term maintenance and repairs. Solatube Mid North Coast Premier Dealer serving the Port Macquarie, Foster, Taree and Coffs Harbour areas. We care about bringing energy efficiency to the home/office and doing our part to help the environment.

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Making the Right Choice…

We offer the complete range of Solatube products, from the world-class Daylighting Skylight systems to Solar Star roof ventilation. State-of-the-art Solatube skylights offer all the benefits of natural full light without the drawbacks of other inferior substitute products that deterioration under the smouldering heat of the sun during summer or heat loss in winter.


Furthermore, our expert installers can install a Solatube skylight in just a couple of hours with no fuss and more importantly they clean up – so you don’t have to. You’ll love the experience and the way we’ll brighten up your life!

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Our Skylight Challenge…


Your living, kitchen, garage, toilet, laundry and hallway areas maybe making a dramatic statement, but for the wrong reasons; it’s a dark area. It requires you to rely upon electric lights, even during the daytime to provide adequate lighting.

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Solatube Daylighting Systems when installed provide plenty of lighting to the centre of the space, as well as an abundance of soft natural light for the rest of the area. The system uses NO electricity and has the highest performance guarantee.

We implement unique, elegant technologies that are surprisingly effective at transporting light collected from small capture devices on your roof to the rooms of your home or building. While the basic idea is quite simple, it takes a lot of technology to get that sunlight where you want it. The way it works is fascinating, and centres around two inventions: the Raybender 3000 collection unit and the Spectralight Infinity light transport tube. Raybender 3000 lets visible spectrum light pass through but reflects away carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation and unwanted, heat-inducing infrared light.

Besides brightening your space with beautiful natural light, skylights save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t be using any electricity when the sun is out. When all is said and done, a Solatube lighting system is around 94% more energy efficient than traditional lighting.

Installing tubular skylights is an amazing way to brighten up and modernise your space, and Solatube is the industry leader in tubular skylight technology. Solatube designs and manufactures Australia’s most sophisticated skylight solutions. They can provide natural daylight to any room in your home or building, even if its walls and ceiling are not in contact with the exterior.

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Exceptional Service…

What to do next

We pride ourselves on how much we care about doing the best job we can for our clients. Choosing Solatube products from Air Light Insulation gives you the light you need to brighten up any space, with energy efficient and durable home lighting system, with ongoing access to support and maintenance.


We want to make your experience with Air Light Insulation something you’ll boast about with your friends. Therefore, if you have a dark kitchen, lounge, hallway or garage in your home and you want us to brighten up your life with a Solatube Skylights… Now is the time to call 02 6581 4718 for more information.

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