Kent Lyon Architect were challenged to bring additional daylight into all training facilities and administration areas.  Some areas had minimal or no natural daylight as they were internal rooms.
Kent Lyon Architect investigated various Daylight systems that would meet their project specific requirements in allowing the Trade Centre to effectively operate during daylight hours without having to turn on electric/artificial lights.  Being a sustainable building a major focus was to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.
Energy use has been greatly reduced with the introduction of effective, tested and certified Solatube daylight system backed up with scientifically proven design information.
By introducing Daylight with the Solatube SolaMaster 750DS system this has been achieved in accordance with the design brief and also delivered many human factor benefits to students and teachers.
Improved learning capabilities, Improved work conditions, Improved student behaviour, Increased productivity, Reduced Absenteeism and Reduced energy use.
The SolaMaster Daylighting System is designed to maximise light output at any time of the day.  It effectively captures low-angle rays in the morning and late afternoon, and collects high-angle rays at midday for powerful performance.  It is ideal for lighting expansive spaces with open ceilings.
The SolaMaster Series feature the Effective Daylight Capture Surface (EDCS) available with a 530mm aperture tubing, and highly effective, patented dome technology.  A number of accessories are available for the Solatube 750DS Daylighting Systems.
Manea Trade Centre Tech sciences lab 1Manea Trade Centre Dental 1 InsideManea Trade and Training Roof West[1] Outside