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Lady On the Roof

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Monday to Friday – 8am – 5pm.

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We come to you

It is often said that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life! Well, in 2008, we started doing exactly that. Add that to currently being (as far as we know) the only business in Australia with female skylight installers, we think we have something unique. Ok, so we do have some blokes who install for us when things get a bit too busy, but we’re pretty choosy and only pick the really good ones.

People often tell us that it’s become really difficult to get a tradie to answer the phone, let alone turn up for a job, so we’ve been determined to never be ‘that guy’ (we can safely say ‘guy’ has become a general term for every gender, so don’t pick me up on that one).

Not only do we have awesome work ethic, we also have the great fortune of having the world’s best skylight brand, with being a chosen Solatube dealer. Residential or commercial, we’re pretty confident we can brighten your day.

Are we local?

It’s amazing how many times we get asked this question. The short answer is ‘YES’!

We cover a large area, which is why we don’t spend on a showroom in one place. We carry most of our range on board, so if you would like to see what a product looks like, we can show you in your own home. Not only that, in most cases it allows us to install on the spot – we’re all for instant gratification where we can.

Before you choose

There are essential questions you must ask before you choose your product:

  • What is the size of your room?
  • Is it a working area?
  • Will heat be an issue?
  • Can I accessorise to make the most of my skylight?
  • Will the design suit my décor?
  • Where will it work best in my room?
  • Is the product the most suitable for my home?
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The person from Lady on the Roof who arrives at your door is not only a qualified consultant, but they are also an experienced installer, so they can answer most of your questions and provide the best advice.

We aim to make your skylight journey as easy as possible.

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Windows – Heat and Road Noise an issue

Windows are the primary means for natural light to enter the home. They also create a sense of space and consecutiveness with the outside. A home or room without windows will very quickly feel restrictive, claustrophobic and generally unpleasant to spend time in. But we don’t always have the opportunity to have them open or uncovered – perhaps it’s road noise that needs blocking with heavy curtains, or a neighbours window just a tad too close, or passersby peeking in.


Blinds and curtains will address all of these concerns, but natural light will also be restricted. Skylights can be the perfect solution for maximizing privacy, retaining a good level of sound insulation yet delivering the maximum amount of natural light available. With Solatube’s INFRAREDuction technology heat transfer will be minimised.

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