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Heat and moisture is the worst enemy of roof spaces. SolarStar by Solatube is the answer.

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Protect your home with a Solar Powered Roof Ventilation

The roof space in a home is an often-overlooked area, but maintaining a regulated temperature can have far-reaching benefits for the entire home. Many customers are seeing the advantages of installing roof ventilation, but with a range of products on the market, it is often difficult to know which product is perfect for your needs.

How to compare your roof ventilation

Why Roof Ventilation?

Roof ventilation is not just important during the hot summer months. The circulation of hot and cold air from your roof space will encourage a healthier environment, removing moisture as well as heat that can cause structural damage to roof trusses, create a perfect environment for the growth of mould, and encourage creepy crawlies.

So does roof ventilation work? Yes! Active roof ventilation will continually circulate the air in your roof space, both hot and cold. This exchange of fresh outside air will help maintain an ambient temperature and remove the risk of creating damaging conditions. This can also have a dramatic effect on your air conditioning system in summer, as the cool air pumped into your home has to pass firstly through ductwork in the ceiling. It takes extra effort (and expense) for your system to cool that air if the roof space is hot.

  • Spring

    Summer means longer days, more sun, and warmer temperatures. If heat isn’t vented from your roof space properly, it builds up & causes problems in your home:

    • Living spaces become hot and uncomfortable
    • Air conditioning units work harder to keep rooms cool
    • Utility costs rise due to increased energy demand
    • Roof structures and materials deteriorate

    A Solar Star Roof Ventilation System solves these problems by removing excess heat from your home, giving you a more comfortable interior and lower energy bills.

  • Autumn

    With winter comes ice, snow, and cold temperatures. When coupled with excess humidity from showers, humidifiers, and dishwashers, it can lead to:

    • Damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture accumulation
    • Weakening of internal structures caused by mold and fungus growth

    A Solar Star Roof Ventilation System prevents these issues by equalizing interior and exterior temperatures, safeguarding your home from the worst of winter.

  • Features of the Solar Star Roof Ventilation System Include...

    Features of the Solar Star Roof Ventilation System

    • Unobtrusive, sleek slimline roof profile
    • Brush-less motor (so it won’t wear out)
    • Whisper quiet motor
    • Leak proof seamless one-piece flashing
    • Installed in under 1 hour by a Solatube Certified Installation Consultant.
    • Lightweight polymeric fan blade minimizes motor resistance and is non-corrosive
    • Stainless steel mounting screens
    • Non-corrosive and durable polymeric integral exhaust screen
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    Roof Ventilation Variables

    So what are those variables? Roof ventilation performance is affected by several factors.

    Roof type – Airflow is paramount. If your home has a basic tiled roof, then airflow is usually adequate for the exchange of outside air. If the tiled roof contains sarking (a layer of insulation underneath the tiles) or a COLORBOND® steel roof is installed, then airflow will be restricted leading to a build-up of hot air.

    Insulation – This is a great way to shield your home from hot temperatures in your roof space. While insulation will minimise roof cavity heat transfer and therefore reducing the impact in your home, roof ventilation will create healthier roof environment prolonging the life of your insulation.

    Gable or Eave Vents – These are designed to increase cross airflow in your roof space and reduce hot air being trapped. A mechanical fan can assist in extracting that air.

    Could a Solatube Solar Star benefit your home?

    When considering roof ventilation for your home the standard question is how can you implement this as quick as possible with low cost, little effort and maximum performance. When you weigh the pros and cons of a Solar Star compared to other various products, its hard to deny the Solar Star as your best roof ventilation option.

    Fifteen roof ventilators vs. one solar star ventilator

    The Solar Star greatly outperforms the traditional whirlybirds

    Too often you see whirlybird owners searching for advice or services to lower the noise coming from their wind vent. The Solatube Solar Star is a silent achiever, it won’t be heard while it performs its duties in cooling your home and restoring your roof cavity to a healthier state. Roof cavities are mean’t to be ventilated all year round to preserve it’s healthy state, the benefits of solar power allow your home to be cooled even if it isn’t windy. If you enjoy your quiet time then the Solar Star sounds like the best solution for your home ventilation.

    The Solar Star costs nothing to operate and the core components come with a 10 year warranty.

    Like all Solatube products, the Solar Star comes with various accessories for all your custom ventilation needs. Each home has a different solution and our services are available to tackle each situation individually.

  • Solar Star RM1200

    A classic roof mount model for a wide range of roof ventilation needs. For example: low sloped roofs with a smaller area.

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  • Solar Star RM1600

    This robust roof mount system is designed to accommodate even the most expansive roof spaces. For example: steep sloped roofs with smaller area, steep sloped roofs with larger area or low sloped roofs with larger area.

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    Contact Solatube for any queries on how the Solar Star will benefit your home.

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