Roof Ventilation

Bush fire rated Solar Powered Roof Ventilator now available

The perfect solution when your house is TOO HOT.

Roof ventilation is important to drive heat and moisture out of your roof cavity all year round, keeping you cooler in summer, and protecting your roof space during cooler winter months.

Wind vents will typically move 85-100m³ of air per hour (air extraction typical of a 250mm diameter product), they are quite inefficient. This level of air extraction is similar to taking a tile off your roof and covering it with a static cap. Yes, 1-4 wind vents will still impact your home, but to achieve good results you should look at 3 air changes per hour (5 is even better). Based on that calculation, most homes should have 6-8 wind vents, while a single Solar Star solar roof ventilation system will exceed that level of ventilation even on a cloudy day. The cost of installing 3 quality wind vents equates to one Solar Star.

The Solar Star is a solar roof ventilation system, meaning it is operated by the power of the sun, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to your ventilation problems. It operates a high-efficiency fan unit that is powered by solar panels, offering you all the advantages of a powerful roof fan without the additional operating costs.

The Solar Star installation process is simple and straightforward, this solar roof ventilation system can be installed in under 1 hour by a Solatube Certified Installation Consultant. It is also available with a range of accessories such as a Thermal Switch, add-on solar panels, and a variety of flashing options.

We guarantee you’ll love the return on your investment when you install a solar roof ventilation system to cool your roof space – not only will your home stay cooler and drier throughout the year thanks to the roof vents, but it will also reduce the strain on your HVAC unit.

What does it mean for you?

Beat the Summer Heat

  • Roof vents pull heat from your roof cavity and structure of your home
  • Provides a more comfortable house interior
  • Keeps roof cavities and materials from deteriorating
  • Reduces air conditioning costs

Remove Winter Mould and Moisture

A Solar Powered Roof Ventilation equalises interior and exterior temperatures, safeguarding your home from the worst of winter.

  • Removes excess humidity from showers, humidifiers, and dishwashers
  • Prevents leaks and structural decay on your roof
  • Avoids damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture accumulation
  • Fights weakening of internal structures caused by mould and fungus growth

Solar Star roof vents deliver high performance for cooling your roof cavity

  • Solar-Powered Design & High-performing

    Built-in photovoltaic power takes a bite out of electricity bills. High Performance motor is reliable, long lasting and whisper quiet.
  • Leak-Proof Flashing

    Customised to your roof. The solar roof ventilation system is a seamless one-piece flashing that guarantees a leak-proof and durable product.
  • Easy to Install & Best Warranty

    Quickly installs with no wiring, assembly or mess. 5 Year Warranty, Brush-less motor (so it won’t wear out). No parts excluded.
  • What’s the difference between cheap solar-powered roof vents?

    When comparing roof ventilation systems the first thing that can be seen is the size of the unit. In most instances, larger size units perform better – simply because they tend to accommodate larger components and allow greater airflow. However, it is a combination of all components that maximises the performance of roof vents.

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    How can I keep my home comfortable all year round?

    Is fluctuating temperature a daily struggle in your home? For some, keeping their home at a consistent temperature can be difficult. This is especially true for those living in regions that experience extreme heat and cold. Stepping out of a scorching hot or freezing cold climate into an equally uncomfortable house can be quite a shock to the system.

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    Two Models

    Airflow tested to ISO 5801, Roof Flashing to suit all roof types
    V-Aero 250
    h - Solatube Skylights

    1 Designed for smaller spaces
    2 Split Roof Spaces
    3 Bush Fire option available
    4 2/5 Year Warranty

    RM 1600
    h - Solatube Skylights

    1 Australia’s best Roof Ventilator
    2 5/10 Year Warranty

    h - Solatube Skylights

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    Other Ventilation Options

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