When a leak begins coming through your roof you are reminded of just how much protection your roof provides you year-round. A leaking roof is one of the more common issues that a homeowner might face, but it does have to be treated immediately otherwise a small leak can lead to much more serious health and structural safety issues. Below we’ll discuss some of the issues that can be caused by a leaking roof.

The Damage Can Be Widespread

Your roof can begin leaking for a number of reasons including old age, lack of maintenance, destructive weather, or just general wear and tear. When this happens the immediate areas that are typically damaged or affected are the ceiling, roof space and attic (including any items you might have stored there). It is common for a roof leak to appear in one spot but have entered from a completely different point in the roof. Once the water begins entering your roof, it can travel from the entry point to other areas in the roof causing widespread structural damage and even make it’s way into electrical lighting fixtures connected at the ceiling. This is hazardous and creates the risk of electrical fires. If the water leak goes unnoticed, it can grow and seep into your walls and affect paint, resulting in costly repair bills.

Health Risks

In addition to weakening your home’s overall structure, water leaking in through your roof can have negative impacts on your health. As time goes on, an untreated water leak can lead to problems such as mould or mildew which pose risks to your health. Damp and mouldy environments in a dwelling can compromise your health by triggering respiritory issues and infections, and can further impact those who experience asthma and allergic reactions.


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What To Do In The Case Of A Water Leak

We’ve outlined some of the issues that a leaking roof can cause, but it’s not all bad news – these problems can be treated and prevented! If you notice signs of a leak, ensure you take action immediately as the symptoms often appear well after the leak has begun. Firstly, determine the cause of the water leak so that you can attempt to stop it from getting worse. If your home has skylights, check if they are the culprit of the leak. Sometimes skylights that are outdated, damaged or not properly installed can cause water leaks. If the skylight is the cause of the problem, it is best to consider a skylight replacement or maybe even a new skylight installation

The tubular skylight products manufactured by Solatube Australia have customised profile leak-proof performance for any roof type.

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