Are you having trouble deciding on which skylight installation is right for you? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Skylights may very well be a fantastic addition to any room in the home, but it can be challenging to make a selection with so many products available on the market, and skylight costs seeming to be all over the place. Any manufacturer can provide you with a price list for skylight products in a variety of shapes, sizes and qualities – but deciding which one will give you the best value for your money can be difficult.

So, how much does a skylight installation cost? While the standard skylight cost will likely range between $100 and $1,800, it is often the installation cost that varies, with the price for installing a skylight typically starting at $200 and increasing from there to… How much do you want to spend?

The Certified Installation Consultants (CICs) at Solatube Australia work with customers to understand what they want to achieve with their room, and what a skylight installation can bring to the space. This thorough, personal approach allows them to help customers in making the best decision according to their personal requirements.

With that said, in terms of skylight costs and what you can expect when installing a skylight, it really comes down to three options:

Skylight Installation Pricing Guide
(Including Skylight Costs & Associated Fees)

Traditional Square Skylights
$1,000 – $3,500 (including skylight installation costs)
Advanced Tubular daylighting system
$800 – $1,600 (including installation costs)
Roof windows or customised glazing feature
Often start around $2,500 installed and can substantially increase depending on the construction of the home

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Why Are Skylight Costs So Varied?

The purchase of a skylight is very similar to that of a car, in that customisation is everything. For someone to install a skylight in their home, a considerable number of factors go into play. So, with so many options available it means that skylight costs can vary far more than you may expect.

To stay with the car example, a $20,000 Toyota can quickly become a $30,000 Toyota once you add power windows, a CD player, all-leather interiors, a chrome finish, an extended cab, 4-wheel drive, 4 doors versus two, upgraded wheels, a dual exhaust, a built-in GPS system, etc.

Why do people elect so many upgrades? Because they understand the importance of getting what they want upfront, rather than having regrets down the road (literally), and the same mindset should definitely be used when considering the costs of a skylight installation.

While we spend a lot of time in our cars, most of us spend far more in our homes, so the buying criteria for selecting the right skylight should be considered just as seriously. Not only that but with Australia being known for bountiful sunlight and warmth, making decisions on how you want your skylight to support your home and what skylight costs you can justify in achieving that are both extremely important decisions.

Let’s Explain Each of the Main Skylight Options & Costs

1. Traditional square skylight installations and what they look like

At Solatube, we really truly believe these products are a thing of the past. They often provide poor light performance by utilising flex duct or Gyprock to line the light well up to the skylight, only allowing access to see the sky directly under the skylight. They do not disperse light throughout the room, leaving a bright hot spot on the ground when the sun is directly overhead and meaning that the other dark areas still require artificial light sources. The only real benefit is gained by choosing an openable window that allows you to add fresh air when opened. While many customers are hoping to achieve a result similar to option 3, they are often restricted by a trust frame roof or other construction obstacles and end up with installations like the ones pictured below.

Home Skylight Installation Angled ceiling skylight   Hallway skylight installation

With these skylights costing around $1,000 – $3,500, they are by no means the cheapest and don’t offer a lot of the benefits that other skylights provide. This is why at Solatube we suggest reviewing your budgets and selecting either of the second two options:

2. Advanced daylighting systems and what they look like

If the ability to see the sky is not an issue then an advanced tubular daylighting system is the very best solution for providing workable natural light.

These are more than just another tube skylight, thanks to their highly-reflective tubing technology (you should avoid products that advertise “flexi duct”).

In terms of this skylight’s cost, while you should always avoid cheaper, low-quality options, choosing a top-of-the-range daylighting system doesn’t necessarily mean you will require a complex installation. Solatube’s top-of-the-range products do not require any structural changes and ask for a modest price of $900-$1600 for installation.

With a tubular daylighting system you can work, read, cook, play or complete any other tasks under the skylight with a beautiful spread of consistent light throughout the entire day. Our products provide maximum light, whilst removing heat with patent INFRAREDuction technology. The specialised roof dome captures even low-angle daylight meaning you get up to 600% more daylight, even during winter.

As seen below these products pack a much larger punch of light, dispersing it brilliantly throughout the room. By selecting the right diffuser, it will evenly spread light from the ceiling reducing glare.

skylight cost skylight installation

2-hour Solatube skylight installation. No mess, no fuss, no leaks.

3. Roof window or customised glazing features

When skylights come to mind this is the type of product that customers typically want to achieve because they have seen the latest renovation show that included one. While these are truly spectacular features for a home, customers should ensure they have a big enough budget to ensure that they can achieve the result. The installation of roof windows also requires more complex planning. It is also good to keep in mind that these are not suitable for all types of roofs. As seen below these rooms look spectacular, but think about the last time you spent all day sitting next to any window and how the discomfort of heat may affect the space, it would be wise to ensure a blind is also installed.

skylight installation cost cost of skylight installation

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If you are interested in installing a skylight in your home but are still unsure about the skylight costs and the intricacies of skylight installation, allow us to help. Call our team for a free quotation on 13 16 19 – and we will be more than happy to look closely at the most stunning and practical skylight options for your budget.  There’s no necessary obligation required, either.

You may even qualify for a free installation – call now and let us take a closer look at your needs and requirements to tailor the perfect skylight installation package for you. We offer skylight installations in Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond.

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