The Truth About How Much Skylights Cost

Whether installing into a brand new home or retrofitting into an existing home, one of the obvious considerations for any skylight buyer is:

“How much do skylights cost?”

skylights cost

While not a simple question to answer, we’ll do our best.

To give you an idea of different price points, fixed skylights in Australia will cost you between $200 and $500 plus $400 – $1,300 installation costs; vented skylights cost between $1,200 and $1,800 plus $1,000 – $4,000 installation costs; and tubular skylights will cost you approximately $430 – $1,500 plus $200 – $500 for installation.

Skylight Price Guide

Fixed Skylights
$200 – $500 (plus $400 – $1,300 installation costs)
Vented Skylights
$1,200 – $1,800 (plus $1,000 – $4,000 installation costs)
Tubular Skylights
$430 – $1,500 (plus $200 – $500 installation)

Get a Tubular Skylight Quote

The purchase of a skylight is very similar to that of a car, with so many options available, price ranges can vary a lot.
A $20,000 Toyota can quickly become a $30,000 Toyota once you add power windows, CD player, all-leather interior, chrome finishes, extended cab, 4-wheel drive, 4 doors versus two, upgraded wheels, dual exhaust, built-in GPS system, etc.

Why do people elect so many upgrades when buying a new car? Because they understand the importance of getting what they want up front, rather than having regrets down the road (literally).

We spend a lot of time in the car, so it’s important we pick one that’s comfortable, well made and suitable for the long term.

We spend even more time in our homes – so the buying criteria for selecting the right skylight should be considered just as seriously.

To ensure you pick the right skylight for your home, here’s a list of…

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Will you install the skylight yourself, or have it professionally installed?
  • Will the skylight be placed in a ‘high traffic’ area of the house, or an area that is hardly occupied?
  • Would you like a nicely designed diffuser attached to the skylight?
  • Is there any fire danger in your area? Will your skylight need fire protection?.
  • Do you want fixed light, or do you want the ability to control the light levels in your room?
  • Do you require a roof flashing that offers both protection and visual appeal?
  • Do you have many obstacles in your roof space? (If so, you may require bends that can work around such items).
  • Do you want to your skylight fittings to be insulated? (To prevent the warm or cool air from ‘leaking’ out of your home).
  • Would you like the ability to attach a roof ventilation kit to your skylight?
  • Do you want the cheapest option or the best quality option?
 As you can see, there are many options available and therefore skylights cost will vary. When someone receives a quote from our company, we thoroughly examine each option as to educate you on the pros and cons for your situation.

To get an exact quote of how much skylights will cost for your specific project, and to see if you qualify for FREE installation, give our team a call: Phone 13 16 19