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Solatube has long been an innovator in home daylighting and commercial skylights. Our early products were the first variation on traditional roof window-style skylights. Using an advanced lens-based collector and a highly reflective sola tube, Solatube skylights capture daylight and deliver it to interior spaces where natural light was previously unavailable. Through advanced technology, we are able to provide a Solatube Daylighting System that provides more light than an ordinary skylight many times its size, thus eliminating many of the problems associated with large skylights.

You’ve Never Seen The Sun Like This Before!

But sunlight isn’t the only way we can help you save! Our Solar Star Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System is one of the best ventilation products on the market, equalling the power of 15 traditional whirlybird wind vents and reducing heat build-up, moisture, mould and many other problems associated with poor roof ventilation. Our ventilation can further reduce your utility bills and impact on the environment.

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