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The lights literally went out for journalist Mike Duffy and his wife Pat when house construction began on a neighbouring block - cutting off sunlight which formerly streamed onto their staircase from two large glass brick windows.

What had been a fabulous feature of their luxury home on Adelaide's North Haven Marina was no more.

Products used

Solatube 290DS

White Vusion diffuser


A solution had to be found to restore light to what had become a gloomy section of the house.

An electric spotlight system was considered. But that was ruled out as too expensive to install and power - and hardly a substitute for the natural cascade of illumination they had enjoyed since building their home almost a decade ago.

So Mike and Pat Duffy went in search of a light source which would restore light in a more natural manner.

After ruling out various products, an architect friend suggested Solatube.

The Duffys visited the Solatube showroom in Adelaide's Croydon Park and immediately was attracted by the radiant natural light transmitted by the Vusion Diffuser.


"We were very impressed by the amazing amount of light produced by the Solatube system and decided we had found the answer to our problem," - Mike.

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Adelaide's North Haven Marina