Daylight savings time is here, and with it, a shift in the schedules of most Australians. That means while the mornings may be just a little bit darker, the rest of the day enjoys the extra sunshine that comes from moving the clocks forward one hour. That means at the end of the day when the busy workday is over, there’s an extra hour of daylight and an extra hour of relaxation before we head off to bed. Combined with the increased daylight hours of summer, daylight savings time simply means more time to enjoy all life has to offer. And it couldn’t come at a better time – after the darker, cooler months of winter, an extra hour of sunshine at the end of the day is like a springtime tonic, washing away the winter blues.

Bedroom Half Banner
Bedroom Half Banner

Extend Your Sunshine With Solatube

Enjoying extra sunshine is great if you’re outdoors, but what if your evenings are primarily spent indoors? That’s when a Solatube skylight can really help you take advantage of the extra sunshine. Even in the darkest time of the year, a Solatube skylight can deliver bright sunshine to your home’s interior all day long, no matter how low the winter sun sinks. But of course, during the winter, the sun sets earlier, and that means your skylight functions for a shorter period of the day.

During the summer months, and thanks to daylight savings time, you get the maximum benefits of a Solatube skylight, designed to gather sun from the moment the giant orb peeks over the horizon in the East, all the way, until it sets late in the day in the West.

Solatube’s Springtime Advantage

Here’s the Solatube advantage over a traditional skylight: Solatube works by using a patented prismatic dome design to capture sun at every angle and magnify it, focusing it on the internal tube where the world’s most reflective lining material carries the light into your home – even at distances up to nine metres (30 feet). And once the light arrives, special diffusers and baffles enable you to control the type of light and the amount of light you receive all day long, so you can create just the atmosphere you want, anywhere in your home – even your basement.

Moreover, installing a Solatube skylight is simple – the tubular design means there’s no need to interfere with joists or rafters, and installation can be performed quickly enough so you can still take full advantage of all those extra hours that come along with daylight savings time and summer. In addition, there’s one more advantage – Solatube skylights save you money by letting you cut down on your interior lighting usage – money that’s free for other purposes, like an adventurous summertime day trip!

If you’re thinking about adding a skylight to your home or business, the timing couldn’t be better. Give us a call today at 12 16 19 and we’ll put you in touch with your local installer so you can get started – or if you prefer, you can use our online contact form and someone will be in touch.

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