Ask anyone what’s the best part of summer, and most people are going to say the beautiful, bright sunshine. Ask them what’s the worst part of summer, and they’re likely to say the dreadful heat that accompanies that beautiful, bright light. Making it through the hot summer days usually means taking refuge indoors, where air conditioning and built-in shade provide protection from both heat and potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. However, hiding out indoors also means missing out on the beautiful summer sunshine. Sure, you could sit next to a window – but even with air conditioning, you’d still be hot sitting in direct sun, and plenty of UV rays can sneak in through those glass panes.

Indoor Solatube Skylight Indoor Solatube Skylight

Luckily, Solatube skylights make it possible to enjoy all that natural sunshine without being subjected to the heat or exposing your skin to UV radiation. Solatube’s patented design relies on state-of-the-art rooftop technology created specifically to let in the sun’s natural light while substantially reducing glare and heat, and the special dome technology keeps you protected from UV rays. Unlike other skylights that emit the entire spectrum of light without filtering for glare, heat or UV radiation, Solatube understands the features that mean the most to its customers and focuses its technology and design efforts on meeting and even exceeding those needs. That’s why when it comes to letting natural sunlight into your home, Solatube skylights are the best at blocking heat, glare and UV rays. Plus, Solatube skylights can also be equipped with a special baffle or dimmer so you can control the light all day long (ideal for taking a midday snooze on the couch), and optional LED lighting enables your light fixture to keep your home bright even once the late summer sun dips behind the horizon.Not sure where you can install a Solatube in your home? The answer is – anywhere! Solatube’s unique tubular design and reflective liner – made from the most highly reflective material in the world – means you can install a Solatube anywhere, even on the first floor of a multistorey home, without loss of light. In addition, the slim design means there’s no need to cut through joists and wall studs, so installation is much less costly.

So when summer rolls around again, go ahead, stay indoors where it’s cool, and keep the shades and curtains drawn to keep out the heat and glare. Let your Solatube skylight help you enjoy the summer sun – safely and without raising your cooling bill or exposing you to harmful UV rays. To learn more about Solatube skylights and to see all the accessories they offer, including dimmers and fixtures designed to look beautiful in any décor, Visit Our Website, or call us on 13 16 19 today.

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