Greg Deale has worked for Solatube Australia for over 20 years. He was involved in the original development of the very first tubular skylight in Australia and he has continued to work with us ever since.

Over the last 20 years Solatube has used Greg’s knowledge in skylights to train and develop our Certified Installation Consultants (CIC) throughout Australia. Greg is now the General Manger of Daylight Designs in Sydney, which is one of Solatube’s many Premier Dealers in Australia. Greg continues to work directly on Solatube’s research and development to simplify installation for our customers.

To this day, our Solatube Daylighting System (DS) remains the most effective and simple skylight systems to install.  In this video Greg will explain the installation process and how easily you can bring brilliant natural light into your home.

This video demonstrates the installation of a 290 DS on a tiled roof, while other tubular skylights may look similar, the installation process may vary as we tailor for all roof profiles.

If you don’t have a tiled roof, you can contact one of our premier dealers who will be happy to discuss the installation process for your particular roof. Our Solatube Certified Installation Consultants (CIC) can install most skylights in under two hours and we are your most reliable resource for skylight installations.

4 thoughts on “Tubular Skylight Installation Demonstration

  1. Hi, I send message to know how much it cost to install the skillight

  2. Marilyn

    Older style tile roof on duplex and very dark inside. Quote on solar tube to supply and install please Silkstone 4304

    1. Ruth Buckley

      Hi Marilyn,

      Lady on the Roof are the local installer you can contact them on 1800 994 499. They will be able to provide a quotation. alternatively we will send them your email address to make contact.

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