Imagine taking your all your lounge room furniture outside and relaxing on the front lawn on your big comfy sofa, reading a book and enjoying the outdoors! Oh wait the fly’s just started to annoy you, the suns too hot and is burning your legs and your annoying neighbour just started mowing his lawn while looking at you strangely for having your sofa outside.

Now image sitting in the comfort of your own home while those outdoor elements you love are bought inside to you.

Here are five tips on how to bring ‘The Great Indoors’ to your home!

#1 Greenery

Bringing plants into your home not only makes your home look nicer but they have been proven to assist in purifying the air in your home and eliminate toxins. A trend that has become common amongst renovators is vertical gardens, these look great and are pretty easy to build. You could fill your vertical garden with herbs and really reap the benefits.


#2 Lighting

Lighting is the most important; without natural sunlight it is hard to enjoy the great indoors. Make sure curtains and blinds are always drawn on windows allowing natural light to fill your room. If the room is still lacking the brightness of the natural light it may be worth getting a skylight installed. Skylights transform dark rooms into extraordinary spaces filled with pure, natural daylight. Skylights are particularly useful in spaces that do not receive much natural daylight, for example, walk-in-robes, hallways and rooms next to patios or verandahs.


#3 Fresh Air

Fresh Air is one of the most essential elements needed to sustain life. Bringing fresh air into your home also has many health benefits, including giving you more energy and improving brainpower. It has also been proven to decrease stress and assist your digestive system.


#4 Energy Efficient

Making your home energy efficient is becoming increasing difficult with so much technology but making a few changes to your home could really make a difference.

Skylights are an environmentally friendly solution to brightening your home. Using natural light rather than electricity as a light source saves energy and can dramatically cut your electricity bills.


#5 Outside Textures

By bringing some outside textures into your home you can really add an earthy natural element. Shells, driftwood and sand are great ways of bringing the beach lifestyle inside. Also try collecting some dry branches or twigs and display them in a vase, they look great and take up minimal space.


By making a few changes you too could Experience The Great Indoors!


Skylights by Solatube - The Great Indoors
Experience The Great Indoors with us!


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