Lighting is as integral a part of your home’s interior style as the paint colour on your walls and the design of your furniture. Many homeowners go to great lengths to carefully select the paint colour on a feature wall for instance, or may shop for weeks to find the perfect sofa, but many don’t consider the effect that lighting has on a room. The majority of homeowners simply accept that their home has fixed light fittings: downlights that throw aimless pools of light to the ground below. A dimmer in a room is as far as most of us will go to ‘customise’ this generic home lighting.

Photographers and interior designers have known the secret to selling an image or space for years. Accent lighting to highlight specific features on a face, or mood lighting in a room to showcase a room’s architectural feature is a staple tactic in some industries. Well those same trade secrets are open to you with a Solatube skylight.

Solatube Style

Not only will a Solatube skylight blend seamlessly into any décor thanks to its standard ceiling-hugging design, but you can customise its appearance with fixtures like the geometric lines of the QuadraFrost, the contemporary VividShade or cascading flow of the Aurora. A Solatube skylight is so much more than your traditional skylight. Thanks to its advanced lens-based light collector and highly reflective solar tube, natural sunlight can be captured and dispersed into areas of your home that were otherwise inaccessible to regular means. They can be installed anywhere in your home with minimal space usage, even throughout double storey homes.

The Light Fantastic

A Solatube skylight is the perfect solution for highlighting areas in your home. A range of ‘Effect Lenses’ are available that open up endless possibilities for your interior décor. Change the tone and intensity of light in a space by opting for one of the specialty ‘Effect Lenses’. The standard lens is a natural, or clear, lens. This permits brilliant, natural daylight to flood your room for maximum daylighting. To accent particular areas, or to add a more customisable mood to an area, we have a choice of optional lenses. Our ‘warm light’ lens offers a glow similar to that of incandescent globes. The ‘soft light’ lens reduces the incoming glare of harsh sunlight and converts it into a glowing effect. The final option is the ‘warm/soft light’ lens. The lens combines the effects of the previous lenses.

Dinner Room and kitchen Skylight

Dinner Room and kitchen Skylight

Solatube also offers daylight dimmers with a unique butterfly baffle that conveniently blocks light with the help of a wall switch. This way you can reduce the intensity of light in an area when watching daytime TV or similar. Add Solatube’s Smart LED system into the mix and you have a customisable daylighting system that will add the perfect mood to a room, day or night.

Gone are the days of one skylight to suit all areas of your home. With a Solatube daylighting system, you can customise looks for each individual space. From intense, natural daylight to an ambient, warm glow, there is a Solatube design for you. For further information, please visit the Solatube website or give us a call on 13 16 19.