Multiple studies have shown how important it is for people to get natural sunlight in order to stay healthy. In addition to the mental health benefits of sunshine, the ultraviolet rays of the sun – in moderation – help the body convert substances found naturally in the body into vitamin D, which is essential for many functions, including bone growth and renewal, and for the prevention of a host of diseases and medical conditions. But what you may not know is that getting plenty of sunshine is also important for your pet’s health.

Just like people, dogs and cats need vitamin D to survive and remain healthy. And, just like their human owners, pets rely on their bodies to produce some of the vitamin D they need for good health. In humans, the oils that occur naturally in the skin are converted to a type of vitamin D when exposed to sun. The vitamin is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream where it can be used. However, unlike people whose fur-free skin can absorb vitamin D more easily, dogs and cats are hampered by thick layers of fur that make it more difficult for the sun to penetrate.

Most pet owners have been witness to their dog or cat sunbathing, and most owners may have wondered how their pet can stand to lie in the sun for such a long period, even after their fur becomes warm. As it turns out, pets need to soak up all those rays in order to enable the ultraviolet light to convert the oils in their skin. And because the fur can also impede the absorption of the vitamin D once it’s formed, pets often groom themselves after sunbathing in order to ingest the vitamin D remaining on their fur and skin.

Of course, windows can provide pets with some of the sun exposure they need, but most windows provide a limited amount of sunshine at an angle that can make absorption more difficult. And as any responsible pet owner knows, you can’t leave your pet outdoors for hours at a time. The solution: Install a skylight. Skylights can provide a reliable sunbathing spot right in the safety of your home, and when you choose a Solatube skylight, the specially-designed dome and reflective tube design ensures your pet (and its human companions) gets consistent light no matter where the sun is in the sky. Plus, Solatube skylights are designed to be easy to install on every floor of your home, so wherever your pet hangs out, it can get the sunshine it needs for better health at every age.

To learn more about Solatube skylights and all the features they offer, use our online contact form or call 13 16 19, and help your pet enjoy the best health possible.

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