Before the advent of electricity, people relied on the natural light of the sun for most of their lighting needs during the day. After all, sunlight was free and with the exception of cloudy days, it was reliable, too. Many home designs were based on natural light, with windows in every room and smaller room sizes to take advantage of as much light as possible.

However, when electricity became widely available, all that changed; no longer did people need to rely on natural sunlight to lighten and brighten their homes. Room sizes grew, and homes incorporated interior spaces without windows. That wasn’t so bad when electricity was inexpensive (although it did take a huge toll on the environment). Nevertheless, today, consumers are more conscious of their utility bills as well as their impact on the planet. Suddenly, the desire to tap into that giant light bulb in the sky has increased exponentially, and unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of money making major renovations to add windows or take down interior walls, the best way to take advantage of all that free light is with a skylight.

For years, the only types of skylights that were available were large, rectangular lights designed like a window for your roof. Thanks to the large size, these skylights were often costly to install, requiring the removal of roof supports and other expensive options that were difficult to justify. Plus, the large seams and heavy weight of these traditional skylights often meant leakage problems during heavy rains.

Fortunately, all that has changed, thanks to Solatube’s unique tube-design skylight system. Solatube skylights are slim and require no major renovations – plus, the roof opening is small, and the exclusive flashing system keeps leaks at bay.

But despite their small size, Solatube skylights still deliver a room full of light. How do they do it? It begins with the unique exterior dome, designed to capture the maximum amount of light no matter where the sun is located in the daytime sky. Once the light is captured, it’s delivered through the tube, which is lined with the world’s most reflective material to enable the light to travel over significant distances – as far as 9 metres – so you can enjoy sunlight even on the ground floor of a multi-storey home. Even after sunset, Solatube skylights help you save money with add-on Smart LED lighting systems that save as much as 94% on your lighting bill.
If you’re serious about saving electricity – either for financial reasons or because you’d like to tread a little more lightly on the Earth’s limited resources (or both) – Solatube has the solution for you. Contact us today, or call on 13 16 19, to see how simple and inexpensive it can be to add a Solatube skylight to your home, and start enjoying all the benefits of natural daylight.

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