Solatube Energy Efficient Dayliht Systems Cutting Costs

Living Lightly

How can you live lightly, be eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, while saving money at the same time?

It’s easier than you think with our Enviromentally friendly products. So we would like to share some ideas on how you can go green, save green and live anoverall brighter life with Solatube.

Keep It Light

Solatube Daylighting Systems are a great, environmentally friendly way to bring pure, natural light into your home.

They’re easy and affordable to install in almost any room – and you’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference they make in dark rooms or gloomy hallways. Equally important, Solatube Daylighting Systems allow you to switch off interior lights during the day, save money on electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Brighten Up your Mood

Natural Lighting is not only healthy on our wallets and the environment, but our bodies & minds as well.

A huge variety of studies have shown that not only do our moods improve when we live or work in more natural light, but our levels of concentration increase and feeling of general well being improves too.

Studies conducted in schools have even shown an improvement in exam results and a decrease in absenteeism!

So treat the family to a bright, friendly & enjoyable atmosphere at home and you never know, the kids might actually enjoy doing their homework!

It’s Cool to Be Green

As the sun rises, so do temperatures in your roof space. This can lead to higher air conditioning bills and possible damage to the structure of your home.Solatube Solar Powered Roof Vents Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

But our Solar Star® solar powered roof vent is the easy, affordable, environmentally-friendly way to keep things cool. It installs quickly, requires no electricity to operate and cuts your air conditioning costs immediately by helping them to run more effectively.

In addition, you can now convert any existing gable, whirlybird, dormer or powered vent into an eco-friendly solar vent with our new Solar Star Conversion Kit. Find out more about our innovative Solar Star line here.

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