Nearly every home has one – a dark, dreary spot that natural light just doesn’t seem to penetrate. Maybe it’s an interior laundry room or bathroom, maybe it’s a finished basement space or closet, or maybe it’s a central room that only gets its natural light from windows in neighbouring rooms. Whatever the case, the lack of natural sunlight makes the whole space seem less cheery and inviting, which means you probably don’t use the space as much as you could.

Solatube Skylight In Kitchen

Solatube Skylight In Kitchen



Slash Your Electricity Bills

With today’s home prices, taking advantage of all your home’s space makes good financial sense, but when an area feels dreary, making full use of the space means using lighting even when the sun is shining, and that can wreak havoc on your electricity bill.

Luckily, Solatube has the ideal solution: its tubular skylight systems were designed to be ideal for lighting up darkened interior rooms and spaces without the need for major renovations like removing interior walls or adding more windows. In fact, Solatube is so slim you don’t even need to remove your wall studs or ceiling joists to have one installed. The tube itself can be installed right between your supporting beams for lower installation costs – and greater peace of mind.

And the benefits don’t stop there: Solatube’s proprietary design uses a unique exterior dome for superior sunlight-capturing ability, coupled with a tube featuring the world’s most reflective surface material. That means you can enjoy the sun’s natural light even on first floors and basement spaces – wherever you need a little extra light – for free.

Daylight Technology

Plus, Solatube offers add-on options like daylight baffles to block the sun if you want to nap or watch TV, LED lighting system to extend your cost savings after the sun sets, and of course, a full complement of fixtures so your skylight blends perfectly with your décor. In addition, there’s one more advantage of ditching your lamps for a Solatube skylight: The light you receive is full-spectrum, which studies have shown has substantial health benefits, including boosting your immune system and helping to ward off depression. That means not only will your dark interior spaces look brighter, they’ll also be much cheerier as well.

Australia is known worldwide for its ample supply of beautiful sunny weather. Why not take advantage of the benefits Mother Nature has provided by installing a budget-friendly Solatube skylight, so you can make full use of your home – even the dreary bits – while cutting your lighting costs and helping to save the planet at the same time? To learn more about Solatube products and to find a dealer in your area, visit and click the “contact us” button, or phone 13 16 19 to talk to a representative about your needs.

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