July 22, 2024

Solar Star Roof Ventilation Parts & Accessories

When standard roof ventilation just isn’t enough, Solatube has you covered.

Custom roof ventilation solutions can be a necessity for your home renovation projects that have special needs.

Does one side of your roof receive extra sunlight? An extra panel will blow all your sun light problems away. Extra ventilation in the cooler months can be problematic with wind vents or whirlybirds, not with the Solar Star Thermal Switch. Home aesthetics is always at the heart of every homeowner and our sleek unobtrusive flashings will leave your home to be admired while being eco friendly.

Thermal Control - Solar Star Accessories

Thermal Switch – only available for RM1600

The Solar Star Thermal Switch will turn off the ventilation cycle when the temperature in your roof cavity is below 18*C and start again when the temperature in your roof cavity is over 29*C. The Thermal Switch can be installed on all Solar Star models with ease.

Roof Ventilation FlashingFlashing Options

The Solar Star Roof Ventilation Systems come with many flashing options meaning your Solar Star will always look sleek, low profile and unobtrusive while staying flexible for every roof ventilation installation.