Introducing INFRAREDuction technology, utilising a proprietary process to extract infrared wavelengths on the first light bounce before they can be transferred through the tube, dispersing heat before it ever enters the building. Industry-leading daylighting technology delivers unparalleled transfer of natural light, with minimum heat gain. So it’s perfect for hot climates, where it reduces cooling loads on airconditioning systems.

15 thoughts on “INFRAREDuction – Maximise Light, remove heat

  1. Please give us free quote for skylight.

    Please send the catalogs.
    Do you have other design eg. Flat Skylight 550 x 700 or other size for the roof to garage because it dark inside.
    Mobibe 0468627887.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Thuy

      Can you provide your postcode so we can put you in touch with the local Premier Dealer for your area. Kind regards

    1. Hi Phillipa

      Can you provide your postcode so we can direct you to the local Premier Dealer who can advise pricing. Many thanks

  2. what are the limitations on distance of tube and loss of light? I need to take a tube some 5 meters down, will this be effective?

    1. Hi Henry

      The Brighten Up series outperforms the others, with our Raybender 3000 technology, light tracking reflector and 99.7% reflective tube material we can provide up to double the light output at low angle sunlight (just when you need it the most, during winter), no issues with 5 meters, we have done many homes with long lengths of tubing. Best idea is to speak with the local Premier Dealer, if you type in your postcode on this page will give you dealer contact information. or call 1800 13 16 19 and type in your postcode.

  3. Hi, wondering what the minimum depth of roof space is require please. We have a no space style of roof so need to know this before I could consider using these.
    They do look amazing too!

    1. Hi Alison,

      There isn’t a minimum length as such, you simply don’t need to use any extension tubes. There is usually some distance that needs to be covered depending on the roof structure and model chosen, height of the rafter, height of the flashing turret etc. but this is easily adjusted. Have a chat to an installer in your area for more details, if you put your postcode in this link will provide dealer details.

  4. Hi. How much for a 350mm daylight system in standard colourbond roof. Ball park doesn’t have to be 100%. Thanks.

  5. Having extensions to Home and will need skylights in existing Bathroom and covered Stairwell. The Bathroom is 6.2sq m and the Stairwell is 4.5sq m.
    Our Builder has quoted for installing the skylights so we would be looking at purchasing the Kit. Is that’s possible.
    What would be the options for this situation.
    We livi in the Coffs Harbour area.



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