Has harmful mould moved into your home this summer? We have the solution to keeping your interiors fungus free year round

The summer’s prolonged hot weather and wet, humid conditions have created the perfect conditions for mould to thrive in homes across the country.

For many, a few stubborn patches of mould in the bathroom has become a losing battle against mould throughout the home – on furniture, walls, ceilings, window frames and panes – because despite regularly cleaning, it soon comes back because the warm, moist conditions continue.

The damaging effects of mould on our health and homes

In addition to being unsightly and giving off a nasty musty odour, all types of mould have to potential to cause health problems.

Anyone sensitive or allergic to mould can suffer health problems when they inhale microscopic airborne mould spores. NSW Health warns that people with asthma, allergies or other breathing conditions may be more sensitive to mould and those with weakened immune systems or chronic lung diseases are more at risk of mould infection. Allergic reactions to mould can include a running or blocked nose, coughing, irritated eyes and skin, and wheezing, and for anyone with a respiratory problem such as asthma, inhaled spores can trigger an asthma attack.

In addition to health problems, mould, which often appears as a black, green and white patch, is often costly and difficult to remove. While vinegar, mild soap and bleach can remove mould, it often quickly grows back because the warm moist conditions continue or the mould roots have penetrated the surface of your home’s absorbent materials, such as carpets, soft furnishings, and clothing. While professional cleaning can remove mould roots it’s not always 100 per cent effective.

Solar Star: the solar roof ventilation solution to combatting mould in the home all year

According to NSW Health, the key to preventing mould growth is to maintain a dry, well-ventilated home through the use of exhaust fans and opening windows.

Unlike exhaust fans, which add to your power bills, and open windows that can compromise your security and safety and bring in dust and pollution, Solatube’s Solar Star uses free solar power to remove heat and moisture from your roof cavity to keep both your roof and interiors cool and dry year round – and maintain a healthy mould-free environment.

And with a cooler, drier home, you will use your fans and air conditioning less, which will further reduce your energy bills.

“The Solar Star’s whisper-quiet fan unit powered entirely by solar panels efficiently removes heat and moisture from your roof cavity, even on cloudy days. This means your home is cooler and dryer, which not only creates a comfortable living environment but inhibits the growth of mould.  Also, removing damaging moisture from the roof cavity prolongs the life of your roof year round,” explains Solatube’s Brett Dickson.

The 7 benefits of the Solatube Solar Star:

  • It cools and dries home interiors, helping prevent the growth of mould and mildew
  • As its powered by the sun there’s no operational costs
  • With a Solar Star you use fans and air-conditioning units less, which means lower electricity bills
  • It’s whisper quiet: you can’t hear it from inside or outside the home
  • It’s unobtrusive and leak-proof: It has a sleek, low profile and its seamless one-piece flashing that’s tailored to the contours of your roof guarantees a leak-proof and durable product
  • Quick and easy installation: Installation is simple and straightforward and a certified Solatube installation consultant can install it in around an hour
  • It’s set and forget: The Solar Star automatically turns off when the temperature in your roof cavity is below 18°C and restarts when the temperature is over 29°C

For more information on mould visit https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/factsheets/pages/mould.aspx

9 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Home Mould-Free?

  1. Caroline Norfor

    With Solatube, will smoke be able to get inside my home? Like with the recent bushfires and haze storms?

    1. Ruth Buckley

      HI Caroline,

      Our solar roof ventilator circulates air from outside into your roof cavity and back out side. While the smoke in the air will be circulated in a and out of your roof cavity, you ceiling should be sealed limiting air and heat transfer from the roof cavity. Smoke air will likely enter the home though other sources in the home such as windows.

  2. Sounds great, but what warranty is offered on the entire ventilator and all components? Also, does the tailor made flashing include ranch style concrete tiles?

    1. Ruth Buckley

      We offer the best industry warranty, 5 years on the fan and solar panel and 10 years on other components. The ranch tiles should be ok. We recommend to contact your local dealer for accurate pricing, please tell us your post code if you would like their details.

  3. Sam

    How this one will help in cold winters.I got mould coming up on my roof in one of bedroom .Only happens in winter because i got colorbond and condensation and dew drops falling on the roof .

  4. Rod Merrett

    Hi Guys, where are your Solar Star roof ventilation systems made please

    1. Ruth Buckley

      Hi Rod

      Solar Star components are manufactured in different locations – most flashings and fans blades for example are manufactured in Sydney, certain flashing kits in the USA. Solatube motor and PV panels are manufactured in China to strict quality standards and specific to the overall design of the unit.

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