When you buy a skylight, you’re making an investment in your home and your quality of life: Choose a high-quality skylight, and the value of your home and your enjoyment of it can both increase dramatically; but choose a skylight that’s rife with maintenance issues, that requires a major overhaul during installation, or that fails to deliver on its promises, and the chances are pretty high you’ll wind up with buyer’s remorse.

Solatube's Tubular Daylighting
Solatube’s Tubular Daylighting

Choosing Quality

When it comes to selecting a skylight, there are several key features you need to consider:

  • The dome: The dome is the feature that acts to capture sunlight at all different angles, so you can enjoy clear, bright, natural sunlight even when the sun is low in the sky.
  • The tubing: Tubular skylights are great because of their small footprint – they’re easier to install, and because they have a smaller circumference and exert less force on the roof, they’re far less likely to leak than conventional skylights. Solatube uses flanges designed to accommodate any roof slope or shape to eliminate the risk of leaks. Plus, their tubing is lined with the most reflective material in the world, so you get the most light. Read more about how they work here.
  • The interior fixtures: Your interior fixtures should serve a couple of purpose; first, they need to filter out the harmful UV rays and heat that make traditional skylights so unattractive, and secondly, they need to look great while they’re doing it. Solatube’s patented technology filters out UV rays as well as harsh, hot light, so all you’re left with is pleasant sunshine. In addition, Solatube offers an array of fixtures that enhance any style.

Spend more now to save lots later.

Adding a skylight represents a permanent change to your home. That means you want a unit that’s built well – really well – so you don’t find yourself devoting your time and money to keeping the light in good repair or patching leaks on the roof. Plus, you want a skylight that enhances rather than detracts from your home’s appearance and character.

Skimping on your skylight purchase and opting for a less costly skylight often comes at a much bigger cost than your initial price of the unit. Cheaper skylight units are cheaper for a reason – they have to cut costs somewhere in production in order to offer a lower-priced product to you. Moreover, those cuts can often translate into maintenance headaches, malfunctions and poor lighting results, all of which could have been solved with just a little more cash outlay at the beginning.

So when it’s time to consider a skylight unit for your home, look beyond price to consider the real value of the unit – the “peace of mind” factor that comes with every Solatube skylight and lets you feel confident in your light today, tomorrow and years from now.

Learning more about Solatube and its line of high-quality tubular skylights is simple: Use our online contact form or contact us at 13 16 19 today for your free quote.

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