Eco living is fast becoming a popular new lifestyle, with consumers realising that they can make a real difference by choosing eco friendly alternatives for various consumer items around the home.

The success of Earth Hour since 2008 demonstrates just how much of a difference every individual can make by simply turning off lights for an hour.

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with eco lighting such as a tubular skylight provides a simple and cost effective way for households to reduce electricity bills. This in return will decrease energy consumption in your home all year round.

Using sunlight and its natural energy provides you with a simple yet effective way to reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the impact on our environment.

In addition to the superior energy-saving merits, Solatube skylights are renowned for their streamlined design, improving the look and feel of your home, as well as adding value.

Solatube skylights have been carefully designed to be the most energy efficient skylights on the market. Solatube’s tubular skylights naturally brighten up any type of room and can be combined with a ventilation system to help minimise humidity build-up that causes problems in bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas.

If eco lighting is something you have been considering, speak to our team about all of our eco friendly products.


Bathroom Skylight with add on Ventilation kit