As humans begin to understand the benefits of natural light there is a constant quest to design and build a living space that utilizes as much natural light as possible. People are looking for homes that have the perfect Australian northerly aspect to allow as much natural light into the home as possible.


Traditionally people have associated the amount of light in direct relationship with the size of a window or skylight – posing the question, is bigger really better?


While some large skylights and roof windows are a great source of natural light they have traditionally been subject to energy efficiency issues regarding heat transfer. Customers in Australia, often see the effects after leaving the butter on their kitchen bench under the large skylight and returning to a melted mess.


This is usually a miss conception of some Skylights as they are advertised as ‘energy efficient’ because they remove the need to use electrical lights, BUT the increase use of heating/cooling in the home isn’t taken into consideration. The biggest cost to customers isn’t turning on the lights – it’s the heat that can be introduced into the home during summer or the heat loss whilst warming your home during the winter.


A Solatube Daylighting System uses the combined technology of optical lenses and the world’s most reflective material. This means our tubular skylights provide more light than traditional products many times its size.  The right Solatube System will not generate additional heat gain or let heat escape in the cooler months.


Today, businesses strive to provide a product that increases the amount of daylighting into the home without compromising on heat gain or heat loss. The only way to guarantee energy efficiency is to ask for their external testing compliance. Products that remain on the cutting edge of this technology will often carry a recognized testing authority logo similar to ours.

Energy Star Rating