March 26, 2024

The miracle skylight

Solatube versus other tube skylight products

Solatube’s Miracle skylight significantly outperforms any other tube skylight available due the following technology.

  • Original Patented Dome reflector – First seen on beyond 2000 (Australia)
  • Patented Dome Fresnel Lens – Raybender 3000
  • 99.7% tube reflectivity – Demonstrating double the light performance.
  • Cool tube Technology – Removing Infrared Rays resulting in half heat output.
  • Multi Lens Diffuser – Customised Quad Diffuser

The overview of the below technology demonstrates why Solatube’ s Miracle Skylight far out performs anything else available on the market in both light performance and energy efficiency. Highest Performance Guarantee

Original Patented Dome reflector

Solatube Australia was the original inventor of the tubular skylight first featuring on beyond 2000 with its patented reflector. This patented reflector offered an average 30% more daylight that any other product utilising the same tube reflectivity with a grater variance in winter when sun angles are low.

Patented Dome Fresnel Lens

Our dome now offers two levels of technology upgrading the reflector to also include Fresnel lens technology which redirects light down the tube. This is similar technology utilised in a light house focusing a beam of light. Solatube’ s Fresnel lens technology reverses this concept, and the directional light follows the colours, lifting up into the dome.

99.7% tube reflectivity

While the difference between 98% to 99.7% reflective material does not seem like a lot, it has a significant difference on the light performance of a product. On a standard 1.8 m tube run the light can bounce on the tube between 10 and 30 times depending on the angle of the sun – That’s a significant impact on the light that comes into the home. This clip demonstrates the difference between the different tube reflectivity available, 85% – 98% – 99.7% show almost double the Lux level of the next best tube available

Cool Tube Technology (INFRAREDuction)

Solatube’ s Miracle skylight uses a patented tube technology that absorbs infrared rays of the sun before it enters the room only transferring pure beautiful natural light. This clip demonstrates that Solatube “cool tube” (INFRAREDuction) technology absorbs so much infrared rays it only transfers almost half (32 deg C compared to 64 deg C) of the heat transfer through the next best 98% reflective tube.

Multi Lens Diffuser

The diffuser lens used in a tube skylight diffuser is similar to double and tripple glazed windows. Unfortunately, extra layers of glazing have more of an impact on light loss then stopping heat from entering the room. In hot climates UV selective materials such as our cool tube (INFRAREDuction) technology should be used to minimise the infrared heat impact on the home. In cold climates more glazing levels can be used to stop air carrying heat out of the room through convection.  This is why Solatube’ s Miracle skylight offers customised layers (up to 4 layers, quad diffuser) to meet your requirements.

Combined technology

This combined technology makes Solatube’ s Miracle skylight far superior to anything else avaible in both energy efficiency and light performance.

This is why Solatube Miracle skylight is still –  THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST