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Solatube Skylights – Let natural light brighten your home

So how do I bring natural light into my home? Bringing natural light into the home has never been more important, the benefits of natural light, include improved moods and health, outweighing traditional lighting sources. Round or square, Solatube Skylights has the decorative options to match your homes style. Select from our full range and view our gallery.

Shed Light on the Best Things in Life.

Bring beautiful, natural light into your home with Solatube’s innovative tubular daylighting technologies. And convert dark spaces into places you love.

Brilliant Technology

Maximize Light Capture with Raybender® 3000 Technology and the LightTracker V™ Reflector. Our innovative daylight-catching dome and integrated reflector combine to bring in an amazing amount of light from any angle, throughout the day and the year.

Spectralight® Infinity Tubing.

Captured light moves through tubing made of the world’s most reflective material, maintaining brightness, even around corners.

Integrated Solar-Electric Technology.

Integrated Solar-Electric Technology. Generates and stores energy to power the new smart NightLight.

  • Highest Performance

  • Quick Installation

  • Highest Quality

  • Health Benefits

  • Block Harmful UV Rays

  • Internationally recognised

  • Coolest Tube this Summer, Captures Summer Light, whilst removing heat.

    Feel better, think better, and live better

    Have you viewed our main Skylights page and now wish to find out more about our tubular skylights, also known as Solatube Daylighting Systems? Find out more:

    Solatube Daylight Systems outperform others, with our Raybender 3000 technology, light tracking reflector and 99.7% reflective tube material. We can provide up to double the light output at low angle sunlight (just when you need it the most, during winter).

    Bring the enjoyment of summer indoors, without excessive heat.

    Excessive layers of glazing that reduce heat, will also reduce winter light output. Instead, Solatube Australia’s Brighten Up series uses exclusive, patented INFRAREDuction technology which draws heat away from the product before it enters your home, but retains maximum brightness

    Superior Energy efficiency and Energy compliance.

    Our Brighten Up series is the only Australian owned product to be awarded the prestigious Energy star.

    More about our guarantee

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