Modular Skylights

Bathrooms and laundry rooms are prone to high humidity

Ventilation Add-On Kit for Bathrooms and Laundries

The Ventilation Add-On Kit provides the dual convenience of ventilation with daylight.

Available for the Solatube® 160 DS, this innovative bathroom ventilation kit integrates fully into your Solatube® Daylighting System, offering a neat, stylish solution for lighting and ventilating your bathroom or ensuite.

The in-line fan motor extracts up to 52 litres of air per second and may be positioned up to 2 metres from the ceiling vent with the ducting provided. The System complies with all Australian Building Regulations on Ventilation & carries a 5 year electrical component warranty.

Plus, the attractive 2-in-1 design leaves your ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered.

For even more functionality, consider adding a Light Add-on Kit for a dynamic 3-in-1 unit. It’s supplied with a wall switch however, all electrical wiring must be undertaken by a suitably qualified person.

Available for Solatube 160DS

Not available on Solatube Smart LED