Solar Star Roof Ventilation, the Smart Way to Cool Your Home This Summer

Summer in Australia seems to get hotter every year. There aren’t too many options for keeping cool in these hot temperatures. Having some family fun in the pool is a great short term solution for some lucky families and air conditioning can provide some relief if you’re willing to pay the price. The Solatube Solar Star will help cool your home all year round using the power of the sun!

Best of all, Solar Star cost nothing to operate – imagine the savings!

The Solar Star RM1200 is equivalent to 10+ wind vents / whirlybirds and the Solar StarRM1600 is equivalent to 15+ wind vents/whirly birds. Suppress heat build up and battle moisture, the solar star is the ideal roof ventilation solution that keeps you cool!

Here is a demonstration of the Solar Star compared to a common Whirlybird.

The Solar Powered Solar Star

Comes with a 5 year warranty on solar panel and motor and 10 year warranty on all other parts and outperforms ordinary wind vents!

Whirlybird vs Solar Powered Solar Star