December 21, 2018

Smart LED Lighting System

Delivering Balanced Light. Day or Night.

LED Lighting System

The Solatube Smart LED Lighting System is a 24-hour home lighting solution that uses energy efficient LEDs and daylighting to cut your energy use by up to 94%.

The Solatube Smart LED Lighting System is the simple and smart way to brighten dark bathrooms, hallways, entryways, closets and more. Compatible with Solatube’s stylish light fixtures, the Smart LED system gives a tubular skylight the same all-day, all-night functionality as a traditional electric light. When the sun is not providing sufficient light, the high-efficiency LEDs switch on.

  • Adds brightness to rooms
  • Delivers perfect colour rendition
  • Cuts electricity use and lowers power bills
  • Operates automatically for hands-free lighting
  • Outlasts traditional light sources

The Sun & LED Unite to Light Your Home for Less. Introducing Solatube Smart LED Lighting System, a 24-hour home lighting solution that delivers up to 94% in lighting savings.


The Solatube Smart LED Lighting System Technology

Featuring SunSense Technology, this unique system combines energy efficient LEDs with bright and limitless daylight to deliver the perfect blend of light, day or night. When the sun’s light is soft in the morning or fading in the evening, the LEDs give it a boost. When the sun is down, the high efficiency LEDs take over. It’s the best of both worlds. Click on the image below to read about the technology behind this truly amazing home lighting system.

Smart LED lighting System

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Skylight Dome Raybender TechnologySkylight Dome Ray BenderRaybender®3000 Technology

A patented daylight-capturing dome lens that:

  • Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture
  • Rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight
  • Provides consistent daylighting throughout the day

Occupancy Sensor

An optional device that:LED Lighting Sensor

  • Automatically turns LED lights on and off based on room occupancy
  • Minimizes energy use throughout the day and night
  • Maximizes the energy efficiency of the Smart LED Lighting System

LightTracker™ Reflector

LED Skylight ReflectorAn innovative in-dome reflector that:

  • Redirects low-angle winter sunlight for maximum light capture
  • Increases light input for greater light output
  • Delivers unsurpassed year-round performance

LED Lighting Infinity TubingSpectralight® Infinity Tubing

Tubing made of the world’s most reflective material that:

  • Delivers 99.7% * specular reflectivity for maximum sunlight transfer
  • Provides the purest color rendition possible so colors are truer, brighter
  • Allows for run lengths over 30 feet to deliver sunlight to lower floors

*Specular reflectance greater than 99% with wavelength-specific reflectances up to 99.7% for the visible spectrum


SunSense TechnologyLED Lighting Sun Sense Technology

A patented control center that:

  • Continually assesses light levels and when supplemental light is needed
  • Automatically triggers LEDs to provide optimal light output
  • Seamlessly transitions from waning daylight to radiant LED light


Product Specifications

Solatube® Smart LED System

23 m2 Light Coverage Area
250 mm Tube Size (diameter)
1032 cm2 EDCS*
6 m+ Potential Length

Performance Specifications

LED Lighting SpecificationsPatented, High-performance Amplifier

Enclosed in a specially designed flared housing, the high-performance Amplifier features a patented design that utilises 16 highly reflective facets. These facets redirect light downward toward the decorative fixture at the most effective angle, maximizing light output for powerful performance.